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Emily VanCamp in GQ Video of the Day

This Emily VanCamp character, who was a non child star in Canada for some Nickelodeon show, which I guess makes her a non child star in the States too, even though you know at least one pervert jerked off to her tween bullshit….has officially made it….starring on some shit called Revenge….featured in GQ….and this is the steamy video of a girl I could have got pregnant if I know where to find canadian actors who were plotting to make it in America…before they made it in America….

She kinda turns me on…..but then again so does a bag of cooked spaghetti…shit feels so nice against my cock…

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Emily VanCamp for GQ November of the Day

Emily VanCamp is a Canadian child star…which pretty much means she wasn’t a child star at all…because Canada entertainment involved a couple moose, an ice stage and a few maple syrup farmers playing the fiddle, that is sometimes televised….and the 12 people who own TVs may watch it if they aren’t out playing hockey, hunting, fishing, or doing other Canadian things…especially if they are hick pedophiles….I know because I live here….which is part of the reason I am surprised I have never met…

Well, now I never will cuz she’s worked her way up the American Entertainment industry and is now a star of some show called REVENGE, leaving no time for her past she’s probably pretending never happened….and what matters is that it has lead to her doing GQ erotica….because she turned her back on Canada and went for the American Dream….and it sure is better than staying back here to milk beavers…in lesbian indy movies….even though I love milking beaver…

I’ve posted on her before ….but it is safe to say this is her at her best…

I appreciate her hustle.

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Emily VanCamp Rocking Booty Shorts of the Day

Emily VanCamp is a Canadian I have never met, because I guess she lives in another ice village that is not close enough range to my ice village to reach by dog sled….but I am sure we have some mutual friends…you know since the population of Canada is 5,000.

She is 26, was on a show called Are You Afraid of the Dark when she was 13 and pedophiles masturbated to her.

Now she’s on a show called Revenge, that I am sure is the fucking worst, but none of her career matters, since she wears hipster shorts jacked up her ass for the paparazzi and I get to stare without feeling overly awkward, since it is via a computer screen, even though that in and of itself has got very weird historically….

To See The Rest of the Pics

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Emily VanCamp is in Her Bikini in Monaco of the Day

Emily VanCamp is someone who I have never heard of, which is pretty fucking unfortunate, because before she was on TV, some show called Revenge I’ve never heard of, which isn’t saying much, cuz I don’t watch TV….she was living in Montreal…..and I live in Montreal…meaning I could have crossed paths with her at the Canadian national dogsled games, or at the igloo building ceremony, or at the ice wall dance party….I coulda flashed this bitch my cock on public transit after school, you know before she was fucking famous…but I fuck up all opportunities…and it usually takes a photo of a vagina in dolphin position in the pool to make me realize my shortcomings by not cumming, failure at life.


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Emily VanCamp and Piper Perabo in Bikini Tops of the Day

There was a movie that was shot outside of Montreal in 2001 called Lost and Delirious and it was about some lesbian private school girls. Pretty solid premise if you ask me.

It starred both of Piper Perabo from Coyote and some Canadian named Emily VanCamp and I remember there being nude lesbian teenage girl scenes…..I’m just not sure if either of these chicks were in those nude scenes because I don’t keep track of that kind of shit…not because I don’t want to remember every nipple I’ve seen, but because my brain is a pile of shit from all the hard drinking that has forced me to forget to pee sometimes…..

The only tits I remember in that movie were on some local slut actress with really huge tits was in it and over the years I’ve run into her on the street a bunch of times and every single time I have screamed at her that I know what her fat tits look like because unlike the local strippers she doesn’t want to admit she is all I gotta do is press pause to refresh my memory and memorize the shit…and she’s never even offered to by me a drink. Cunt…..

It turns out that two of those Lost and Delirious are in some new bullshit movie because I guess that’s where their careers have gone….

Here’s Emily VanCamp’s Tits in a Bikini Top

Here’s Emily VanCamp with Piper Perabo in their Bras with Hot Dirty Rashes…

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