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Amazing Fat Chick Story of the Day

Here’s a 550 pound woman getting paid to hit 1000 pounds. She’s some idiot who thinks there are no health risks to being a fucking pig of a woman but more importantly, she’s pretty much an internet pornstar who takes pictures of herself in her panties and people pay to see the shit. Now she’s addicted to the fame like she was Lindsay Lohan and now she’s trying to get more attention and her fans are sending her food to make her fucking fatter.

I am married to a fat chick, it’s a disgusting fucking thing that I write about daily, so I will never understand the fetish, but can only assume her fans are black dudes….

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Katy Perry and Her Fat Chick Tits of the Day

Katy Perry was at the Yves St Laurent fashion show taking in some tips on how to dress because she’s pretty much looked like a shitty clown throughout her short lived music career that I hope has very little life left in it, because I hate her, but for some reason you idiots get excited about her tits, despite the fact that all chicks have tits and her tits are no better than anyone’s tits, but for some reason we aren’t all bitter, negative pricks like me and look for the good in people, and I guess I have to agree that despite all the hatred I have for her, at least she’s got tits, see, even I can be positive sometimes too..

Pics via Bauer

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Sophie Monk’s Fat Chick Panty Line of the Day

So Sophie Monk decided to get back at her Good Charlotte sister, who moved her to the USA with promises of lesbian marriage and children, before getting swept up by Paris Hilton’s rank vagina, when she was trying to save her career and jump on the Lohan / Ronson lesbian party boat, and she’s doing it by releasing a line of underwear based on the underwear the Good Charlotte Sister used to wear for her. Shit’s contouring and makes fat chicks think they look less fat, but strapping them down and squeezing them proper like we were in the middle ages and they were some kind of high society woman or some shit, only knowing Sophie Monk’s celebrity, they’ll probably be sold at Sears next to LL Cool J’s collection of suburban gangster gear for the whole family, in his last whimper for attention.

So the good news about that is that Good Charlotte sister’s fat girl panties aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore and in the economic crisis, that’s the social conscious thing to do, because when you have to decide whether to go with the groceries or a pair of cheeap underwear to trick men into thinking you are worth fucking, go with the underwear, because that man you may be tricking could be rich enough to take you out for dinner and we all know that can be expensive because you eat more than the average person and because of the fact that you are wearing these panties pretty much means food is probably the last thing you need.

I like the way Sophie Monk has a pair of them on her head, she’s so playful like that, I heard that last week she let Ryan Seacrest shove his pantyhose down her throat to gag her before licking her asshole while jerking off. True Story.

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