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Gerard Butler’s Groupie in a Bikini of the Day

Here are some pictures of Gerard Butler’s mystery girl, who I assume is some Groupie he met in whatever city he is in, cuz they are easier to manage than let’s say a Jennifer Aniston, cuz they are just happy Gerard Butler…the guy from 300…chose them…so happy that they let him do whatever he wants to them…including fucking their sisters, mothers and grandmothers while they watch, so long as he comes back to them, cuz that’s how groupies who think this is their big break work…they are trying to lock him down to get her the good life…

He was in Montreal a few years ago and I heard he was pretty high maintenance and demanding from both his personal assistants and his groupies he was fucking…because he was on some health kick and needed specific protein powders he imported because he’s a diva actor bitch and that’s how they work…especially when they have to put booze and coke on the back burner cuz they need to be ripped for the roll…

Not that it matters, cuz his bitch is in a bikini….and we know since we don’t know who she that she’s a good little whore in the bedroom…

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Laurie Cholewa is Gerard Butler’s New Pussy of the Day

In proving that Hollywood is full of shit thanks to movies have huge marketing budgets, big legal budgets, an a huge investment people want to protect, as well as PR people who have been hired to get these people in the media, to keep people caring about their clients and pretty much totally polluting America with useless smut, here are some pictures of Gerard Butler’s new girlfriend…because he never dated Jennifer Aniston, no one ever dates Jennifer Aniston, they were just in a movie together and dude made a lot of money for someone no one has ever heard of and part of getting that money was pretending to be dating her, and this new pussy is the proof.

Pics via Bauer

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Gerard Butler on the Beach with Nicole Scherzinger of the Day

Gerard Butler, also known as the guy who plays Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend in the tabloids, because he made the bad drunken decision to fuck her one night, making her attach herself to him and forced the producers of their recent movie to make him pretend to be her boyfriend, otherwise she wouldn’t attend publicity events, making them lose out on millions of dollars, was on the beaches of Rio with Nicole Scherzinger, because like all British sex addicted rich people weirdos, he can never say no to trannies…..and Brazil is the new Thailand for UK tranny lovers….and Nicole Scherzinger is the new Rupaul when it comes to trannies. This dude really is at the top of his game.

Pics via Bauer

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