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The Influencer who sells farts for 50k a fart is disgusting…of the Day

She may not be an Influencer, but more a whore, or possibly someone from 90 Day Fiance, who knows….but I was told this story from a few people, because I guess it’s gone viral on mainstream media and is hitting the normies, who will laugh about some instagram whore selling her farts in a jar to perverts who clearly have deep rooted issues, because they are buying farts from some whore on instagram…

I guess it’s a little clickbait, like that girl who licked the plane toilet seat to get famous, you know viral stunts to get noticed….that is really just viral stunts for the mainstream to give some shine to, in efforts to encourage young girls who want designer purses to hop on this trend.

They’ll be happy if all women were selling their farts from the comfort of their own home, that’s what they sensationalize it and play it up as this “OMG she makes 50k selling a fart, Crazy right”….and everyone laughs until thinking “Where the beans at, get me that mason jar”….
That’s how you destroy a society, or a generation of girls….

I am sure dudes have been buying farts from whores forever, there’s a fart fetish and fart fetish porn isn’t a big deal, we’ve seen it…at least those of us on the cusp of porn industry all these years…

I am sure dudes buying farts now is just because they are such cucks, they think giving these whores what they want, spending dumb money on them, will make the girls like them…WEAK FUCKS.

If you are an onlyfans subscriber who doesn’t realize he is talking to an agency that manages the accounts for the girls, so dudes aren’t even talking to the girls, so they are just trying to impress people who laugh at them about it.

You know when a girl sells her farts for that much, it’s a cash grab and she thinks the buyers are fucking idiots, no matter what she says to keep the money coming…

Don’t be a sucker, don’t make this a trend, it’s gutter, disgusting, and it’s evil…it is not empowered sex worker making money…it’s people being manipulated and their spirit destroyed.

That said, if you want to buy some farts, because you’re into that shit at your core and you can’t do anything about it, you’ll be gld to know a chubby girl sells her farts for you…check her INSTAGRAM

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Fart Girl of the Day

I know, I am still a firm believer that women don’t fart or shit and if they do, that it should be kept secret, because farting and shitting is such a “dude” thing to do…and who wants dudes as women….I mean besides the entire world that is trying to steal everyone’s gender from them in order to depopulate the world….

I like to think the asshole is strictly for fucking…but not in a gay way or in a bro “girls don’t shit way”…but in a “I’m triggered by girls farting because it reminds me of all the times I’ve had to wipe my fat disabled wife’s ass when she shits herself” kind of way..

It’s like I know girls fart and shit, but I want to forget…and when scrolling the internet for nudes, the last thing I need is to be reminded of that….you know that’s the wrong part of the Girlfriend Experience….that’s the part we don’t even want when they are our girlfriends…it’s not some sign of being comfortable with each other and intimacy deepening… it’s about being too comfortable, you know that give-up level of comfort…even if dudes find it cute or funny when the farter looks as good as this fart girl…who I guess you could argue is a little too fit and likely spends a little too much time farting with the bros to realize it’s not cute or funny, but vile…keep it to your damn self motherfucker…

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Girls Who Fart Friday of the Day

I wonder what would have to go wrong in a person’s life for them to have a girls farting fetish. You know what kind of child abuse did a motherfucker endure to have a girls farting fetish. The only one I can think of is maybe your baby sitter used to sit on your face when you were like 12 and fart in your mouth….and since it was the only time a girl has ever sat on your face…you sexualize it…but nothing hot about a girl shitting or farting…because as a man who thinks the asshole is the gateway to a woman’s soul, I like to pretend it never sees feces or feces related things like farts…even if that’s the whole point of the anus I am trying to lick.

In conclusion, you’re all sick fucks….and no, none of these women are Chrissy Teigen even though she looks like she’s a huge farter.

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