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Sienna Miller Greasy Pig of the Day

Sienna Miller is a greasy fucking pig and here are the pictures to prove it….The light is shining off her head in a way that reminds you that not only does Sienna Miller and her hipster bush hardly wash….but he also doesn’t fucking care…the kind of free-spirited hippie fashionista who likes that at any given time the cum of at least 4 different men is crusted to the side of her pussy lips….2 of which are married men….along with a bouquet of odors that include bad hygiene, innocent infections, and stds…..so here are some greasy fucking pictures of Sienna Miller because Sienna Miller is a greasy fucking pig and she likes reminding us of that…because she knows it wouldn’t stop any of us from slammin’ her if we had the opportunity….

Pics via Fame

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Avril Lavigne is a Greasy Whore of the Day

It’s almost refreshing to see Avril Lavigne not dressed like a little suburban 15 year old teenager who cuts herself and writes poetry about how much she hates the cool kids at her school cuz they don’t get her, but maybe that’s just because I always found teenagers who think they are so smart and that life is so intense while dying their hair multi-color, getting stupid tattoos while learning the guitar to sing about their stupidity. She’s wearing a little black dress, she’s greased up and glistening, has whore make-up and that cheesy stripper chick skunked out hair that makes me know I’m dealing with a piece of white trash from outside of the city who if she gets too drunk will need a place to sleep cuz you’re her responsible new friend who cares about her safety and cuz she likes to get fucked by strangers cuz that’s why she wears such short skirts, crotchless panties and has 3 half-black babies with different fathers….

Pics via Bauer

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Marisa Miller is Greasy in a Bikini of the Day

I don’t have a thing for greasy girls who sweat. Sure there was a time when there was nothing more that I wanted than to have hot sweaty sex in the middle of the summer with a tight bodied blonde bikini model, but I am older now and I am more into girls who shower and look clean. It’s probably got to do with having an obese wife who always sweats and it’s come to the point where the list of top 5 things she does on the daily are eating, sweating, sleeping, sitting, shitting and making a fuckin mess in the process that’s lead to bugs in the shit hole apartment, something we’ve avoided up until now. So there’s really nothing inspiring about any of those things except to other fat people who see it as encouragment to not finish that extra large pizza for fear of dying and missing out on those 5 amazing things that got them in this mess in the first place.

The truth is that her greasy skin glisten wouldn’t be so vile, if it didn’t smell like feces, but it does, so seeing Marisa Miller, someone I am not even that in to, greased up makes me think of my wife eating french fries and a burger and breaking a sweat from the strain it’s putting on her heart as the juices drip down her cleavage and that doesn’t turn me on but it probably turns you on because you love cleavage.

Either way, here’s Marisa Miller greased up like a fat chick. I feel like I’ve already posted these pics.

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