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Lily Allen Topless on her Hotel Balcony of the Day

I don’t really follow Lily Allen’s life. All I really know about her is that she’s a little fat, her songs are a little annoying, her talent is really fucking questionable, her parents are hooked up in the entertainment industry in the UK and that she’s just another typical rich girl who wants people to notice her because her parents were too busy living their own lives for her.

I do know that a couple of weeks ago, she went to Twitter and said she was retiring, probably because she realizes that she’s peaked, or maybe it’s got to do with other things, like drug addiction or bi polar disorder that leads her to fucking homeless dudes, before walking out to the balcony to contemplate suicide naked, because she’s done enough living, only to be saved by the homeless man she fucked, because he realizes if she dies, he won’t get the free meal she promised him, and the whole thing is like a scene out of a really boring movie, but at least she’s topless and doesn’t give a fuck if people post pics, cuz her world has become self involved and self absorbed meaning no one but her and her pain matter, the kind of crazy I fucking love…..

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Some Chick Lickin’ Down a Hotel Room’s Toilet of the Day

Here’s a weird fetish video posted by someone named OCD girl, who obsessively licks things to make sure they are clean.. She walks into a hotel room and licks the phone, the utensils and the toilet and I find the whole thing pretty hot, it makes me think that if a bitch is willing to lick those germy places, she’ll have no issues licking my scummy asshole, but the truth is that I know it’s staged and I know everything was cleaned 10 times over and that this video is just another lie, but I can see past the lie and enjoy the licking because I’m a pervert like that and so are you.

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