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Rachel Bilson Stickin’ Out Her Whore Tongue of the Day

Here are some pictures of Rachel Bilson looking real fucking horrible sticking her tongue out. If you’re wondering why she’s doing it, it is doctor’s orders, she has to air the shit out because she’s spent the last few years rimming her faggot fiance’s ass cuz that’s the only way he can get off with a girl, you know cuz he’s a homo which is probably good for all you Star Wars weirdos who have been fantasizing about tag teaming Bilson with him, because now you that dream is almost a possible reality…

Pics via Bauer

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Lindsay Lohan’s Lickin’ Her Lips of the Day

If I was a scientist, this would be my research topic of choice. Just thinking of all the things this tongue has come in contact with is enough to write a fuckin’ text book and coordinate a class at the University level. Shit would be part of the biology faculty, but could probably even be a Major of its own, and you could even have Lohan Tongue study groups and Lohan Tongue parties, and even Lohan Tongue departments with jackets and hats, maybe even it’s own Lohan Tongue library. Shit is just that interesting of a subject.

Unfortunately, I’m no scientist, I’m just a pervert, so I’ll just sit here and think about her tongue and all it is capable of, despite being scared of dirty girls, I have a sick fascination with them and here are some pictures of her dressed nice and wholesome….despite the opposite story her pussy is tellin’ us….

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Megan Fox Lickin’ Her Lips of the Day

Here’s Megan Fox, the hottest thing in Hollywood, for the time being, because I accidentally bought myself a pair of briefs at the bootleg underwear store and I’ve been sporting them the last couple days and feel fuckin’ sexy, so sexy that I may just walk myself into the bathroom and cut of my dick in hopes to move to Hollywood and suck dick to the top, never having anyone know that I was once a dude, only to take away the limelight away from this whore as the next hot thing, but I’m sure that’s all just wishful thinkin’ on my part, I mean I can never be a hot little starlet everyone wants to fuck, but I can jerk off to one, even though jerking off is the lamest form of contraceptive, I mean other than condoms, everyone knows abortion is the way to fuckin’ go.

Maybe I’ll just dress my wife up like a really fat, ugly, sweating and smelly version of one and have her read off lines from some of Megan Fox’s most memorable performances, not that I ever want to fuck my wife, or that Megan Fox has memorable performances, but I do want to get the fuck out of this post it’s even too weird for me…so here’s some Megan Fox lickin’ her lips at a fan, because lickin’ lips, dicks, and anus, is really the foundation of her

To See The Rest of the Pictures Follow This Link

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Some Chick Lickin’ Down a Hotel Room’s Toilet of the Day

Here’s a weird fetish video posted by someone named OCD girl, who obsessively licks things to make sure they are clean.. She walks into a hotel room and licks the phone, the utensils and the toilet and I find the whole thing pretty hot, it makes me think that if a bitch is willing to lick those germy places, she’ll have no issues licking my scummy asshole, but the truth is that I know it’s staged and I know everything was cleaned 10 times over and that this video is just another lie, but I can see past the lie and enjoy the licking because I’m a pervert like that and so are you.

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