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Monica Cruz is in Ibiza in a Bikini of the Day

Monica Cruz is in a bikini in Ibiza and I’m not. She is the bootleg version of Penelope Cruz/her younger sister, only she comes without the offensively big nose and has a better body, but you know is insecure as shit because she lives her life in the shadow of her Oscar winning sister, meaning her inadequacies in life convert nicely into over compensation when sucking on a dick. Keep aiming to please, maybe one day you’ll figure out a way to come out on top and beat your cunt sister you pretend to love, but deep down inside know you hate…

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Katie Price is Still Goin’ Strong in Ibiza of the Day

Katie Price has been working really hard the last couple of days. I guess now that she’s getting divorced it’s time to pick up the fuckin’ pace, or make some money to pay off the leech who gets half of everything. I’ve posted a lot of pictures of her at the job and it’s been really exhausting, but probably not as exhausting as spending days laying around a beach in a bikini, half naked, in the sun, in luxury, while people snap off pics while carrying a fat set of tits around all day. Sure she’s useless and has a weird fuckin’ body, but I guess I do too.

Here are the pics….I am uninspired with her….pretty much exhausted her this week….

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More Katie Price in Ibiza of the Day

I was with a girl with fake tits a couple of nights ago, she was fat and I had no idea she had implants, and when she volunteered the information, I just told her that I didn’t believe her and that fat chicks don’t get the shit, so she decided to pull the fucking thing out and you could tell that she had got the shit a long time ago, not because of the quality of the work she had done looked like it was straight from ’92, but because she pretty much grew into the shit over the years, and had a fat ass, gut and face to match the shit, and you know that at the time of the purchase she wasn’t pushing 200 lbs, otherwise, breast implants probably wouldn’t have been on her top procedures list, because fat chicks with implants doesn’t make sense and cellulite removal, breast reduction surgery and lipo do, even vagina reconstruction makes more sense than implants but that’s just because the only way to reach the magic spot on her fat body is thru large object insertion in their big fat vagina, like big black men, not that you have to be fat to have a big fat vagina as Katie Price so gracefully proves…..

Here are some more pictures of Katie Price she is in some staged photoshoot where a whole lot of people, including a topless chick and some dude simulating humpin her jumped in on, I posted yesterday from Ibiza, or as I like to call it, the land of opportunity….

Here she is not doin’ her photoshoot, but still in Ibiza….

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Some More Katie Price Pictures from Ibiza of the Day

Since I’m really jockin’this girl as hard as I can now that I know she’s single and going through a divorce, which is a pivotal time for me to work my way into a woman’s life because they are usually all sad and fucked up and just want someone to listen to them, I figured I’d post some more pictures of her and her tits, because posting pictures on a bitch is really the only way I know how to show her that I care, I’m pretty useless when it comes to getting off my couch and actually putting the effort in, not that any effort would get me into this girl’s soiled vagina, but posting this shit definitely does nothing for the cause. The good news is that the salt water doesn’t seem to be burning her open sores. Yay!

Here she is in some hot staged photoshoot, it’s only hot because I am in love with her personality or lack there of….

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Katie Price Does Ibiza of the Day

If there is anywhere in the world Katie Price belongs, or anywhere that she should call home, its Ibiza, because cheesy piece of shit women in tacky Ed Hardy type shit, with fake tits, tans, hair and bikinis with high heels on, who love annoying euro dance music, djs and doin’ designer drugs while partying all fuckin’ day and night and here are the pictures of the queen party slut….that’s all I have to say about that because I am hung the fuck over.

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