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Some Babe for LastNightsParty of the Day


In 2006 or 2007, I met Bronques from LastNightsParty….he was this nomadic character that traveled the world, going to all the hottest parties, taking some of the hottest pics at those parties, creating a brand of real life, documentary of these party girls, often times involving them posed, flashing, naked, being amazing…

He was a master director, would get girls who weren’t models posing, and looking amazing, and over the last 8 or 9 years I’ve run into him all over the place, I’ve seen girls I know naked on his WEBSITE – LastNightsParty.com …and today I got these pics in my email from his mailing list..and I was just like “OMG BOOOBS, I LOVE BOOBS”…

You see, posed photoshoots aren’t my thing, but real life snapshots of girls…showing off their bodies, of all shapes…is my jam…so follow LastNightsParty everywhere…he’s one of the originals…

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LastNightsParty in Sundance


Bronques is some hipster photographer who moved to NYC to launch a career. He ended up documenting the dirty drug filled nighlife of the city, with dirty looking girls acting like trash while thinkin’ they are fabulous cuz that’s what hipsters do. He built up a reputation and now probably makes more money than you, drinks more free drinks than you, scores more free yay than you, travels to more exclusive places than you, attends more exclusive parties than you and sees more exclusive tits than you. Bronques is profiting on the American Apparel/Vice Magazine/Electro Music movement, if you can call that shit a movement, and is very “hot” right now, if a bi-sexual black guy is ever hot. Anyway, got some pics for a couple of Sundance Parties on his site, I am sure they are celebrity filled – I am just too useless to spot a celebrity. So do the work for me, assholes.

Sundance: Premiere
Sundance: Blender
Sundance: Hottub

Visit His Myspace

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