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Bijou Philips Looks Pretty Hot of the Day

I haven’t been all that nice towards Bijou Philips the last couple of years in doing the site and the reason is pretty simple. I always knew she was hot and she just wasn’t owning that shit. She was some ratty hipster art fag bitch who didn’t shower, dressed like she was homeless and lived off her trust fund and money she made modeling and starring in random movies but unfortunately never used that money on shampoo or any hygiene products. I have called her an AIDS bitch and have made fun of her boyfriend Danny Masterson for being stuck with her because he got the germ and having to find another girl with it is too much effort and it was easier to just ride it out with her, together, but the reality is she always had it in her and here she is showing that shit off.

This is like one of those shitty teen movies where they let the girl’s hair down and take off her glasses, only in this case they just hosed the bitch down and put her in a dress, and now she’s the kind of girl who I would let give me AIDS, but only because I figure that if you get AIDS from a celebrity, they’d pay you to keep your mouth shut and I am all for accepting bribes, because dirty money is better than no money.

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LastNightsParty in Sundance


Bronques is some hipster photographer who moved to NYC to launch a career. He ended up documenting the dirty drug filled nighlife of the city, with dirty looking girls acting like trash while thinkin’ they are fabulous cuz that’s what hipsters do. He built up a reputation and now probably makes more money than you, drinks more free drinks than you, scores more free yay than you, travels to more exclusive places than you, attends more exclusive parties than you and sees more exclusive tits than you. Bronques is profiting on the American Apparel/Vice Magazine/Electro Music movement, if you can call that shit a movement, and is very “hot” right now, if a bi-sexual black guy is ever hot. Anyway, nigger’s got some pics for a couple of Sundance Parties on his site, I am sure they are celebrity filled – I am just too useless to spot a celebrity. So do the work for me, assholes.

Sundance: Premiere
Sundance: Blender
Sundance: Hottub

Visit His Myspace

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