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Laura Vandervoort in a Bathing Suit of the Day

Laura Vandervoort hates me…

I mean not really, she had no idea who I was, we tricked the bitch into saying that, because she is a puppet, putty in my man hands, like most vapid actresses, they are trained to this….

This was when she was doing a local COMICON 5 years ago…she was at a low point…but she’s turned things around…and posts bikini selfies like a real hero…

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Laura Vandervoort in a Bikini of the Day

laura (1)

I don’t hate Laura Vandervoort, but I did trick her at some comicon to say that she hates me….

Because there was a point in her life where all she had going for her was Smallville, and she toured that fucking thing until it led to new and more important things, doing whatever it is she does, I don’t follow her career or really care…

But I don’t mind when her skinny blonde body is in a bikini because why the fuck not..


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Laura Vandervoort Naked for Peta of the Day

Laura Vandervoort is some low level Canadian actress who has been doing Comicon the last decade to pay the bills while waiting for her big break…which is some TV show I am not going to bother googling, that she gets naked in, because when an actress who otherwise never got naked, gets naked, you know it’s her attempt to solidify herself, its just too bad she’s doing it in an era of hardcore porn where no one fucking cares…

Like other fame before her, she’s done some PETA naked shit to shut down Sea World, a cause I actually agree with and not just because there was a doc on it and celebs attached themselves to it, but because I’ve always known they are cruel horrible fucking things…cuz I have a brain….

I still think her best work is when she said she hated DrunkenStepfather…because I hate her too…

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Laura Vandervoort Hates DrunkenStepfather.com of the Day

Not only does Lauren Vandervoort have a nerd name, you know one that sounds like a Harry Potter Character, something that probably makes her nerd fans cum faster as they chronically masturbate competitively over pics of her on chat room and obscure social networks when they are not making plans for their imaginary wedding to her….but apparently..she also hates drunkenstepfather….they all do…..

If that’s not arrousing enough for you, here are pics of her for Esquire looking good……

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Laura Vandervoort in her Underwear for Esquire of the Day

Lauren Vandervoort is some Canadian actress whose beaver I have never and will never have the opportunity to skin and make into fancy hats for Europeans…..

I don’t know what she’s done in terms of career, but I don’t think it really maters…. CUZ I’VE POSTED HER HOT ASS BEFORE….AND IT IS HOT …..

She’s probably not important, but she is important enough for Esquire and ME IN MY PLACE to partner up together to tag team her into inviting them into her house to take pics of her in her panties…becausee girls will do anything for attention….

A tag team that may not involve HIV or unwanted pregnancy or even herpes…but a tag team nonetheless…

Here are the pics

Here is the video where she talks about hockey and uses it as a metaphor to further pigeonhole all Canadians with these stereotypes we can never live down…..

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Laura Vandervoort Pretty Naked for PETA of the Day

Laura Vandervoort is some Canadian chick who I don’t know even though we share the same ice filled, maple syrup filled, beaver filled country and I thought all of us Canadians knew each other….and it is typical or at least obvious that a Canadian slut would become an eco terrorist….especially when it gets you noticed as the aspiring actor from Smallville no one remembers that you are…..and here are the pics that should include more beaver and less saving the beaver….or whatever the hell this shit reads cuz I keep my eyes off this kind of smut for a cause…It taints the whole smut element with socially conscious morals nad values…fuckers.

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Laura Vandervoort Bra from Some Bullshit Show of the Day

I don’t know who this bitch Laura Vandervoort is but she’s on some space show, so I can only assume some of you think you’re already married to her despite having never met her, but there’s always hope she’ll be at the next sci-fi convention…so I’m not sure if you’ll be happy to see her in a bra, or upset to seeing her cheat on you with another guy while you’re the only one in her life in your insane world…..but I’m posting it anyway, because despite hating bras, I like them better than I like shirts…

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Laura Vandevoort on Set in a Bikini of the Day

Laura Vandervoort is some no-name Canadian actress who has been in a whole lot of shitty Canadian productions that I’ve never seen despite being in Canada, but you probably have because one of those shows is Smallville and it’s about Superman and you just can’t get enough of Superman because his strength always gets you through the ruff patches.

She is in the In the Deep 2 movie that Audrina is in and I hear she was casted because of her hot body and not so much because of her 2005 Wizard Magazine award for her role as Supergirl. Wizard Magazine is just the reason why you know who she is, because like Superman, you can’t get enough of Wizard Magazine because it keeps you in the loop of all things virgin dudes are into and you pride yourself on that.

Either way, she looks pretty fuckin’ good in a bikini, even for a Canadian, who you wouldn’t expect to have much of a beach body, but you would expect them to have a pretty solid snow shoveling arm.

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