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Paula Abdul Craziness on Letterman of the Day

Here’s some Paula Abdul craziness, because since that stalker killed herself in front of her house, Paula’s been jacked on more meds to deal with the pain than usual.

I love the way she keeps the Christmas spirit alive in a Latex Toy Soldier costume and militant walk and dance, makes me want to get a job working as a mall Santa, but not as much as I love when Dave starts drilling her about this stalker business, saying he should sue the stalker, probably not knowing the stalker killed herself, and Paula acts all kinds of fucking crazy stands up and tries to leave because she clearly has a lot of trouble dealing with things, like speaking. It’s hard after downing all them pills….

I heard she’s not sleeping in her house because she thinks it’s haunted and is putting it up for sale at a discount to get it off her hands, and since I am not a weak, rich, coddled little ex-popstar medicated baby with stalkers, I can’t really relate, but I do know some dude had an overdose in my hallway last week and I had to walk by his dead body to walk the dog when the paramedics were just getting there, and I did have to wrestle the dog off of him when he started trying to lick at his dead face because I don’t want dead druggy germs getting on my little fucker so I guess it’s kinda the same thing….or maybe it isn’t at all, but bitch needs to follow her face and body and grow the fuck up.

Stalkers killing themselves outside your house on the street isn’t a big fucking deal, people die outside my house every day, they are crazy people except for the one girl who was a rape victim, but I’m not talking about her, and I am not getting everyone to feel sorry for me. Abdul is too rich to care about the commoners so she needs to get the fuck over herself, stop being so fucking fragile.

Either way, I think this 1970 quality video is a good way to start the day a and that’s all that matters homeboy.

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Kristen Bell is Boring on Letterman of the Day

I got so much hate mail about this Forgetting Sarah Marshall shit that I wish was actually about forgetting Sarah Silverman because she’s a fuckin’ stain on my brain that I’d love to forget….I got hate mail because I said that the only reason to see it is because Mila Kunis is hot. The hate mail came in from every loser who is hooked on Heroes and thinks Kristen Bell is the hot chick in the movie and that Mila Kunis is nothing compared to her.

Now I hate these kinds of debates because they make me realize how pathetic my life is, you know arguing about which girl I don’t know is hotter, it’s on some lame virgin shit that probably causes many debates in their virgin chat rooms online because they can’t focus on real girls but instead can invest all their time into fighting about sluts they see on TV.

That said, Kristen Bell was on Letterman last night and she’s nothing special. I tried to understand why you fuckers bothered sending me death threats over her, but all I could see was a normal lookin’ blonde chick who looks like every other blonde all American chick. She doesn’t have an amazing body and listening to her run her mouth off made me want to punch her in her thin barely there lips. Her sex appeal is not as high as whoever the fuck says she’s a better catch than Mila Kunis…and took the time to emails .it is however reminiscent of a 12 year old girl on the soccer team with the face of a 30 year old who is related to Kelly Ripa. I’d totally let her get naked for me, if it ever came to that and I’d watch her sex tape, but that’s not saying much considering I’d do the same for Whoopi Goldberg and pretty much anything disgusting with a Vagina because I am a pervert.

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