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Madonna’s Daughter’s Tits of the Day

Lourdes Leon is Madonna’s daughter, who you know is ridiculously spoiled, thanks to Madonna being totally delusional…she’s a busty hairy looking creature who like her mom…is into being her own sexual being, rocking her tits in a sheer looking top, so everyone see’s what she’s packing…..and I guess thanks to her mom, she’s really really really rich as fuck, so that she can spend her days wandering around with her tits out for the paparazzi for jokes, while some dude latches onto her, because I guess when you’re sticking your dick in Madonna’s hairy daughter, you try to cum up in it, so that she marries you and supports your degenerate life for the rest of your life because she’s got nothing else to do….TRUST FUNDS!!

Just fill her empty void….in all ways you can…

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Madonna’s Daughter is Not That Hot But She’s Alright in a Bikini of the Day

Lourdes Leon – MADONNA’s daughter…struggling with the rough life of having everything you want – while wearing a bikini in Miami…

She’s probably all kinds of fucked in the head…or maybe she’s been raised totally normal and removed from the Spotlight – and has no idea her mom is Madonna….

From my expert opinion…She’s a little too latin peasant looking – mixed with some dirty Italian widow working the market with her moustache – like the worst parts of two parts of the world….where she’s got some pretty bad traits from both species of human – but at least she’s not fat.

I like her MOM knuckle tattoo – because MOM’s crazy money will allow her to be all creative and not need to work a job…..so that tattoo, that would be frowned upon for the rest of the world, unless you work at some hipster cafe or bar, is perfectly fine for her…because she’s Madonna’s daughter…the spawn of the narcissist…who will inherit all the narcissist has…and who gets to live of it while she’s alive…because celebrities are known for being great parents who raise great kids…

TRUST FUND. Nothing wrong with a Trust fund, even if girl doesn’t do anything substantial with it….

Her tits look good though.

I like hairy bitches, but her hairy pits and hairy stomach don’t really make sense with a stubbly shaved pussy…it’s like choose your battle and own it you flimsy detached delusional rich kid….I love bush, she’s a hairy little monster and probably has bush, but not the kind of bush I need….sticking out of every angle of her bikini bottoms…if you’re going to exploit your hairy Italian monkey genes…do it where it matters…CUNT SIDE…that’s like courtside….the place to be…but in reference to CUNT…clever right….sure I see her treasure trail…like the rodent she is…but pussy hair is the hair we can’t have an abundance of….fake feminist.

Her ass looks alright though…

I guess she’s not that bad, I just find her being a product of Madonna something annoying….and sure it’s not her fault, don’t target the celeb child, but the celeb child is the one posing for the paparazzi…

SHE wants this….all of this…it gives her something to do, her own identity…but not really…she can’t escape Madonna…


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Lourdes Leon Madonna’s Daughter’s Nipples of the Day


Lourdes Leon is Madonna’s daughter, so in being Madonna’s daughter, you show your tits like they are some empowering tools to get them noticed, and thus to sell records, or whatever they are selling, because people are basic and think anything sexualized is scandalous and worth talking about. Her mom made a career pretending to be ironic with her nudity….when really she was just getting naked to get noticed…and it worked – seeing as she’s Madonna who has had this massive legacy, not just in the gay community….and she can’t even really sing. It’s brainwashing I like…

So nipples on snapchat in lingerie at 19…for no reason…other than “tits are just tits” when tits do matter to the right pervert – which is most perverts…making it a good time for all…

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Madonna’s Daughter Has Nipples of the Day


I know you’d assume that Madonna’s daughter couldn’t possibly have nipples, like every human that hasn’t had a mastectomy has….because Madonna is some slippery snake, who tricked the world into thinking she was some Lady Gaga artist of her generation with pop songs and glamour- all sexed up that spoke to the ever loyal and passionate gays – who helped carry her geration to generation since the early 80s….but apparently she breeds humans…latina humans…who don’t wear bras because no one wears bras – this is the selfie / instagram / self involved / porn generation…bras are a sign of the oppressive past, except for the 60s and 70s when no one wore bras, or the 80s when bras didn’t have underwire…


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Madonna’s Daughter in a Bikini of the Day


I think it’s safe to say that Lourdes Leon is doing better than Zoe Kravitz…

Because she’s just showing off her tits like her mother…

Not dating her mother…

These celebrity kids are fucking weird…just raised by self involved, narcissist, horrible people, who have too much fucking money…and infrastructure that lives a very unrealistic existence…making these people social experiments…


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Lourdes Leon in a Bikini of the Day

Lourdes Leon is Madonna’s 17 year old daughter and she’s rocking 17 year old tits that thanks to the hormones in the food are a constant amongst 17 year olds and thanks to the internet and the exposure to porn are something that they aren’t shy to showcase whenever they get a chance and thanks to their rich as fuck hooker of a mother – they’ve learned how to be the best junior slut seducing men to get ahead there is. I mean when you are raised by a mainstream not quite a pornstar but might as well have been one based on all the dudes she fucked..you know a nude model turned billionaire ego…you learn all the good morals and values in life…not quite proven by these pics, but I have a feeling…we’ll be hearing more and more from her as she gets more and more access to her trust fund.


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Lourdes Leon – Madonna’s Daughter – Rockin’ Fake Tits in a Bikini of the Day

Lourdes Leon is Madonna’s daughter, who you know is ridiculously spoiled, thanks to Madonna being totally delusional, but more importantly rich as fuck and I wouldn’t put it past any of them to assume these overly perky tits are in fact implants, because rich kids everywhere, even here, are getting implants for their 16th birthday instead of their own BMW and their parent’s aren’t even remotely as close to vapid, image oriented, materialistic, superficial, hollywood popstar bullshit as Lourdes Leon’s cunt mother…

Not that implants bother me, I’ve fucked them and I’ve sucked them, and they fill a bikini up proper, so maybe they don’t make girls feel like more of a women, since the whole vagina thing is enough, but they can make naked or half naked a little better to look at…if you don’t mind a little surgical updating with a little body modification that is better than sewing your pussy shot….which luckily I don’t.

The fact that being Madonna’s kid hasn’t made her substantially worse of a human than this, amazes me…and so does the fact I want to watch her bang…no wait…I want to watch everyone bang…


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Madonna’s Daughter’s Hipster Tits of the Day

Madonna’s Hairy Spic Hipster daughter’s little teen tits are spilling out of her American Apparel shirt and I like it….partially because I am a pervert who likes all tits spilling out of shirts….but mainly because I like little rich cunt who aren’t quite 18 in general….Not only is their style pretty fucking racy cuz they aren’t scared to show off what the hormones in the food makes that made them hit puberty at 7 has done to them, rocking better teen bodies than ever, dressed in clothes that showcase that fact better than ever, to the point where leaving the house makes you feel like a sex offender…..but they attend sex parties where they lick each other’s assholes….at least according to Oprah…that pervert….

Either way, here’s some hipster spic hotness….


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