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Paulina Rubio Isn’t Fat for a Mexican of the Day

I am like my old black homie who I used to go to the stripclub with and who would get mad everytime a black stripper got on stage and all the white dudes would start cheering. He thought it was a disgrace to his people and how far they had come and felt like seeing one of his own exploit herself was disgusting and a few steps back. So he would get lap dances with them and lecture them on their lives and what they were doing, encouraging them to put their clothes back on and to get a real job, and as soon as he finished paying them 40 dollars for the chat, he’d grab the dirtiest white girl in the room and convince her to let him finger bang her or to play with his dick. You know, a total double standard.

Meaning, I hate writing about Mexican chicks who are clearly dirty little whores, proven in the fact that unlike every other Mexican woman in the world, except for a couple of the half breeds, she’s not fat, and everyone knows that a Mexican woman who isn’t fat, is a mexican woman willing to suck dick to get ahead. I mean just look how that man is grabbin at her ass like he’s bought it for the hour….
Either way, here she is on the beach or by the water hiding her body and I hate her from that.

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This is Not Me With Jennifer Love Hewitt of the Day

Someone emailed me asking me if the fat Mexican in the background of this fat actress walking her dog picture was me. It isn’t, that isn’t what I look like and despite popular believe not all mexicans look the same, you racist fuck but more importantly, I wouldn’t let any evidence of me and Jennifer Love Hewitt together ever hit the internet because I’d hate to be seen in public with her. Not because I have a secret high profile celebrity relationship that I am trying to keep under wraps, but because she’s too fat to be considered a real celebrity and I have enough fat chicks in my life and swore that I’d never get into that kind of mess again.

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Megan Fox Gets Mexican With Her 90210-Friend of the Day

Megan Fox is comforting her boyfriend at a Mexican restaurant because he just realized that he is Brian Austin Green, the asshole from 90210 and he can’t quite figure out how he landed such a young hot piece of ass being Brian Austin Green, since it’s not 1995 anymore, and either can we, but I hear despite the initial shock, he’s happy that he has hot pussy to distract himself with because it is a much better outcome than his original plan of escaping that “90210 role of a lifetime” that seems to follow him everywhere by killing himself, it’s just not a better outcome for us.

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Karla Edecan NSFW Mexican Sex Tape of the Day

Her name is Karla Edecan, she’s a Mexican Cheerleader and she has a sex tape. I am not like my black friend who always looked the other direction when a black girl would get up on stage to strip. He thought that shit was going against all his people had gone through and that disgusted him. I feel like seeing a hot Mexican chick getting fucked brings me back to my roots and doesn’t go against much and feel like every single girl should be documenting their sex so that I can get a glimpse into it as that is the closest I will ever get to fuckin’ them….

Either way, she lost her deal promoting the Mexican phone company which from what I heard is just two messenger donkeys, but it’s still a big deal for her I guess….and I am surprised considering everyone has a fuckin’ sex tape these days. We shouldn’t be slapping these girls hands to punish them, we should be inserting dildos in their asses and filming the shit because that is the next level of entertainment…at least according to me.

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