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Michelle Bombshell McGee in her Bikini of the DAy

I don’t really discriminate when it comes to bikini pics….especially not when they are pictures of the bitch who totally destroyed Sandra Bullock’s perfect little image, that I think was hired by her PR people to create the scandal, and thus lead to the Oscar, cuz the last 20 years of her acting wasn’t doing the job, but even this is the kind of pussy a motherfucker leaves his famous, rich, perfect little black adopting wife he played Nazi roll playing games for…..it is amazing…and here she is in her bikini…overly tattooed maybe but it all adds to the great storyline……


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Michelle Bombshell McGee’s Publicity Stunt Continues of the Day

I guess when you’re a stripper nazi pig who does some sleazy low level photoshoots for the internet, hoping one day to be famous has been your hustle all these years, before you managed to secure unprotected sex on the regular with a semi-famous dude with a very famous wife, you’d pretty much go back to being a stripper nazi pig who does sleazy low level photoshoots once the scandal blows over and no one cares….even if you try every stunt to get more and more attention before people stop caring….by staging more and more idiotic scandals…only to realize that you were just a pawn in getting Bullock an Oscar, cuz a regular divorce woulda been a waste of a publcity stunt….cuz the only work you can get is working a booth at some Sex Tradeshow in Australia. Pathetic…..and disgusting…but then again, I hate bitches that look like this….but at least she’s keepin’ it festive…even if she’s more about cutting her nipples off for Satan than getting her tits felt up for 10 dollars a song for Santa…and who gives a fuck.

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Michelle Bombshell is Naked But Still Scares Me of the Day

I’ve been watching the Blind Side trailer for the last hour….I am getting a huge kick out of this whole thing…It seems like girls you meet at bars don’t really give a fuck about the humor in all this, they all sympathize with Sandra Bullock, like she represents them or something, while she’s just some pig celebrity who is probably really into herself, despite what bullshit her PR people tell her to say in interviews. Sure, it’s nice to believe she’s human and that this is the same situation as if it happened to the nice girl down the street or your sister, but it’s not…it’s all bullshit…really funny bullshit…especially since this Bombshell girl looks like someone insane, cuz anyone with a forehead tattoo and a swastika tattoo and White Power tattoos always look like they are one meth hit away from shooting the local park the black kids play at..

I do hate that this trash is getting famous and everyone is talking about her and her shitty face and body and wish it ended, but I guess molested girls withs serious baggage who were raised AMISH always have a place in my heart….because they are so fucking obvious…and try so fucking hard to fit…by going one step too far…proven by this piece of shit garbage…with shitty fake tits….

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Some Michelle Bombshell Cuz It’s Funny of the Day

Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock with this trash can named Michelle Bombshell. I hate trashy tattoo jaked girls, but Jesse James comes for a background of trashy fucking inked up girls, like his ex pornstar wife Janine ….pretty much making anyone aware of this totally sure that Sandra Bullock had no hope, except of course for Sandra Bullock who went on Barbara Walters and Oscar Red Carpets and Golden Globes to tell the world how in love and how happy she is, which I guess is possible, but all this time spend obsessed with herself made her forget that maybe her boyfriend who was already tired of her and the novelty of dating the bitch from Speed and really just wanted his dick back in the fucking gutter. I am so down with this kind of embarrassment, you have no idea, especially when I know how high maintenance and bullshit Hollywood is. So watch this video of Michelle Bombshell and remember she got Sandra Bullock’s dick…an image that will be playing over and over in Miss Congenialities head….Hysterical….

Seriously watch the Barbara Walters Sandra Bullock Interview – It makes the whole thing so much funnier….

If you want to see more of her, she was a SoCalGlamourGirl something not quite as prestigious as an Oscar winner, but their site is being hit hard and I think the video is all you really need.

***Update: Michelle Bombshell’s Got Some Daddy Issues and Self-Esteem Issues, Otherwise she wouldn’t have painted herself like a mural on a trash can at an elementary school…

Bonus – Here is a shitty pic of her shitty implant tits that match her shitty face and real shitty tattoos….cuz she’s fucking disgusting….and that makes this story so much fucking better….

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