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Tori Spelling Gets Felt Up for Mother’s Day of the Day

Nothing says “I love you mom, thanks for bringing me into the world and being here for me all these years” like grabbing her fucking tit as the paparazzi stage pictures that Wal-Mart would call the authorities about if we were still a “printed film” generation, back when inappropriate pictures of kids had to be run through a middle man, before the digital era made catching the motherfuckers a question of how well an FBI agent could mimic the typing style of a 7 year old in a Sponge Bob Square Pants chatroom…..but I digress…. this post isn’t about the disgusting dark world of kiddie porn, it’s about the beautiful bond a child has with his mother that I’ll never know because my mother died when I was a kid, but that I do know if she didn’t, I woulda made them tits mine for life, cuz I figure if you give me the shit as a kid, they are rightfully mine, otherwise you’re an indian giver, making Thanksgiving Dinner very awkward for the guests when my 40 year old ass busts out her tit for desert, but so beautiful for me, cuz mother and son bond is so strong that it just can’t be torn apart…especially when there’s titty involved…cuz I love tit and any excuse to play with tit so Tori Spelling’s kid has right idea, and really Tori Spelling should embrace it because she used to have the scariest fucking fake tits around so it’s nice to see someone finally appreciate the shit….

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Victoria’s Secret Models Do Mother’s Day of the Day

Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel and Miranda Kerr were at some Victoria’s Secret in store bullshit for Mother’s Day, because these cunts have sold their souls to Victoria’s Secret and attend all their bullshit because they have no choice, otherwise Victoria’s Secret will have them ruined, or their family killed off, or whatever else they do to pressure these model idiots…but I won’t ever understand why they don’t make them wear lingerie or bikinis when they do these events, it would make this bullshit a way better marketing campaign and would get way more attention, but I guess we’ll just have to settle for Miranda Kerr’s cleavage….cuz that’s all that came out for this garbage…

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Happy Mother’s Day Mom of the Day

Here are a few videos to celebrate motherhood…and the struggle a mother makes for her kids…I don’t have a mom, she is dead so for the last 30 years, I haven’t really acknowledged today, but today, I found a way to celebrate it my way. Mom, if you’re out there, I’m sure you are proud. Happy Mother’s Day…


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Mother’s Day Video of the Day

Some 14 year old kid beats up a 32 year old man for hitting his mother. If that doesn’t say “Happy Mother’s Day”, I don’t know what does, maybe shakin’ down her crack dealer to get her a couple dollars knocked off what’s owed to him, or maybe convince him that it is a good idea to front her a couple hits. You know, if he knows what’s good for him. I love the ghetto and so should you. Shit’s more entertaining than your 9 to 5 bullshit existance…..

Here’s another video of a son failing to save his mother from killing herself, you know to keep the Mother’s Day spirit alive…

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