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Natasha Poly Turns Me On in Madame Figaro of the Day

Natasha Poly is a pretty major Russian model who is loved by all….

She’s 27, started modeling in 2004, and is married…which kinda makes her fucking boring…at least to me…cuz rich chicks married to rich dudes…living the rich life…that she takes a break from every so often for a huge 1,000,000 dollar ad campaigns….isn’t really all that inspiring to me….you see I like my girls more broken…especially when they have similar beginnings as her…

It was 1985, in communist Russia, on a cold cement floor, where this girl was born….forced to fend for herself at the age of 15, because both her parents died in a work camp of hypothermia, our heroine joined the sex trade….where she worked for the Russian mob….suckin’ dick…

Is far better than, she was scouted and a milionaire at 18…

But I’ll still look at her posing in pictures wearing lacy things….cuz she’s lovely…

Especially Since She’s Done FULL FRONTA SHOOTS BEFORE ….

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Natasha Poly Full Frontal in Vouge of the Day

This model… Natasha Poly …is really fucking hot….

She’s Russian…her real last name is….Polevshchikova…wonder why she changed it….

Her modeling career peaked when she was 15, but has since blossomed into a willingness to get naked….and seeing a bitch get naked for fashion is as good as seeing a bitch naked….which is pretty fucking good…especially when you can STUDY HER LABIA MINORA AS IT POKES OUT OF HER MAJORA….….something Vogue Paris didn’t pull through on today…but you can still see some bush and bush is fucking great…except when it is president.

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Natasha Poly Showing Titty of the Day

Natasha Poly is some model and I have SEE THE RIPPLE OF HER LABIA MINORA AS IT PEAKS OUT FROM HER LABIA MAJORA IN WHAT IS A GOOD GYNECOLOGICAL EXERCISE FOR ALL OF US TO STARE AT in NUDE PHOTOSHOOT FOR FASHION because real models get naked motherfuckers….it is the whole weeding out the bad models who will ruin your naked for fashion photoshoots….and keeping the ones who make them possible…cuz no one needs a model who is all like “I only get naked for my husband”….shit puts a real damper on high concept art motherfucker….

Not that Natasha Poly is naked in this shoot, but she is showing tit, which is more than you’d probably get out of her if you saw her at a movie or grocery shopping or some shit….so here are the pics

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Natashy Poly’s Naked for Fashion of the Day

This can’t be considered porn or NSFW even you can see her bald pussy sticking its tongue out at us….because it is in Vogue…and that in turn makes it fashion….so here’s some naked pussy…that belongs to a bitch named Natasha Poly….who like a hooker….gets naked for money….but is more socially acceptable….because hookers get no respect with their tormented souls and sad stories…..but models live the good life…life’s so unfair….here are the pics.

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Isabeli Fontana and Natasha Poly Topless for Muse Magazine of the Day

Here is Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana topless for Muse…she is best known for being a 16 year old Victoria’s Secret lingerie model back in 1999. Where I am from, that is called child pornography. Victoria’s Secret, you shoudl be ashamed of yourself.

Now she’s naked, 12 years later for a magazine. Who cares? Well I guess I do…cuz I support victims of the international human trafficking sex trade, especially when they make millions cuz they did it corporate… FOLLOW ME

Here is some other bitch named Natasha Poly…she’s Russian and real fucking busty.

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Terrry Richardson’s Got Boring with this Natasha Poly Shoot of the Day

I have felt the pressure of going mainstream to make real money. I’ve just stupidly been a hippie about shit and said that I’m much happier not making money and posting pictures of nipples…pretty much turning everyone off this site from advertisers, link partners, etc.

I know you don’t care about that, but I’ve got a point…Terry Richardson has the opposite problem, because he used seedy, sleazy, erotic shit and his dad’s connections to get known in the fashion world, and once the fashion world bit and decided to pay him stupid money, his pics when standard, uninpsired, point and shoot without the smuttiness, so whenever I see his corporate shit, I think he’s a fucking sell out who sucks…and I guess he’s thinking “look how much money I made off these idiots, I can buy a helicopter and a private jet”….reminding me that I fucking suck at pretty much everything I set my mind to, which in turn keeps me going….

Here are some Natasha Poly bitch posing stupidly for some magazine…..and if you look closely at it, like it was a magic eye poster, you may even see nipple…

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