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Colin Farrel’s Sex Tape Partner Nicole Narain Has a Nipple Slip of the Day

Her name is Nicole Narain and she’s some chick from Playboy who was the co-star in the Colin Farrel sex tape. I remember posting that video a long fuckin’ time ago and Colin Farrel ran after all of us for posting it with lawyers and shit because he’s a huge fuckin’ baby. The reality is that he made gay dudes everywhere happy because they got to see his dick and that was a lot more interesting to them than just always wondering what kinda heat he was packing and put an end to debates in gay clubs everywhere as to whether he was stacked or not. If anything, he did the gay community a favor and gave them something better to worry about like how they should use condoms when they have sex with strangers because it can prevent HIV. Before the sex tape hit, I am pretty sure Colin Farrel’s penis or the mystery of his penis caused so much confusion after getting hot and bothered watching one of his movies on a gay date with the guy they met in a bar that people died because of it.

Either way, I am on a black girl kick right now and think she’s hot enough, I guess Playboy and Farrel already confirmed that for me, in reality the fact she has a vagina confirmed that for me, so here she is showing her nipple.

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