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Retired Supermodels Nude for i-D of the Day

Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova and Helena Christensen are retired supermodels bringing their hot older bodies out of motherhood, to show the world why they were models in the first place and that when once a model always a model because models never die and good genes last forever or some other comic book mantra you’d be better off writing for me, since I don’t do comics.

They look good, but the pics are a little boring, maybe it’s just me but when a bitch gets this close to showing me her pussy but backs the fuck out, I get angry …real angry….and that kind of behavior gets a bitch raped or at least a black eye….if you know what I mean….

This is one of those photoshoots I would have liked to be masturbating in the corner on, cuz you know between shots, bald mom pussy was bountiful…

Either way, here are the pics…..take it in cuz I figure eventually they will age and start falling apart at the seams, but no matter what they put themselves thru, they still look pretty solid, but then again, maybe that’s why they aren’t showing their pussies…you know with all the dick and babies and losing of elasticity and shit….

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