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Ariel Winter Covering Her Belly of the Day

I don’t know why, but this Ariel Winter fat chick in a tight dress, holding her belly so that it doesn’t look like she ate the entire Thanksgiving dinner, despite having eaten the whole thanksgiving dinner, brings me great joy – and I don’t really know why…I guess it’s just knowing that Ariel Winter is better from afar, but more importantly, that in 10 years she will be 500 pounds – that make me appreciate her walking that fine line of just fat enough and too fat but I’ll still do it at 3 am cuz her loneliness and self hatred will make her eat my cock like it was an ice cream cone and she was at home watching romantic comedies about love lost then found again – as fat chicks do….


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Celebrities Who Voted of the Day


As a Canadian – I am sure the Trump Winning Election will affect me or my people on some level or another – so when Trump people get mad at me for having an opinion because I am a Canadian – I am reminded why the half retard – great marketer got into office…but I think it’s a troll and he’s not gonna be all that bad…since all he wanted was the title…

I did read Art of the Deal many many years ago – and his one point that I remember is that if you become a celebrity and people talk about you – you can have a platform to push and sell anything – and he’s proved that…so maybe people should be praising him for living the American Dream…where rich white people can make it to the top of Politics without ever working in politics…no matter how insane that dream may be..

I find Trump funny, entertaining, he’s an entertainer…he’s from Reality TV and he proves that social media can destroy for trolling – because people will believe anything – you just need that big FB page to get there…

The only joy I have from the Trump win is all the celebrities being reminded that they are disconnected in their real white privileged life…that peopled don’t care enough about them to be influenced by them….and that despite their efforts – I’m talking to you Katy Perry..you’ve failed…you dancing Monkeys….

I love that how loud they were about Hillary Clinton – Failed them….

So here are a bunch of celebs who voted LOLZ…advertising they VOTED….most opening with the “I’m With Her”…campaign…that lost because instead of making a difference in the world…they are the worst self involved cunts around…making that money…

Anything to remind these celebs that they suck…brings me joy. Fucking idiots…

Some of these celebs are:

Roselyn Sanchez, America Ferrera, Camille Belle, Cheryl Burke, Alex Daddario, Sophia Bush, Jessica Biel, Sarah Michelle Gellar – Hands, Julianne Hough, Katie Cassidy Dumping Trump, Marisa Tomei, Olivia Wilde, Anna Kendrick FACELESS< Emmy Rossum bug eyeed, Lily Collins - Blake Lively Mouth...and anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried and Kate Hudson, Bryce Dallas Howard, Miley Cyrus, Danica McKellar, Beth Behrs, I put some no names in here also...Sarah Hyland, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Mariah Menounos, Taylor Swift... Ariel WInter -

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Rosie Huntington-Whitely Looking Hot for Elle Korea of the Day


Rosie Huntington-Whitely is probably pretty old now, but she’s one of the hottest there ever was. You know that cunty, snobby, British looking, tea drinking, uptight, too good for you, too good for anyone really, all fancy and luxurious because she’s rich and knows she’s hot…

But she dates bald guys (if they are rich and famous) and she plays Megan Fox in Transformers movies (pretty low level), and most importantly – she gets naked in photoshoots (like an instagram model who works at the mall) – so it’s safe to say she’s not all that bad…maybe she’s actually kinda down…she’s just got that bitchy face because even if she’s a bitch, we’d probably all eat her shit coming out of her asshole…just to see it coming out of her asshole…she’s great to look at.

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Elle Fanning’s Brilliant Upskirt of the Day



I didn’t watch Neon Demon, a story of some model who moved to LA at 16 to get swept up by the evil industry, although you’d think it’d be something I’m into based on the fact that I post these bullshit stories everyday….but I do remember when it came out in the early summer…

What I missed was this brilliant picture of her at a premiere – standing in front of some weirdly placed pervert mirror, the kind of design we can assume the dudes who lurk in malls looking for girls in skirts to walk up stairs…to to use their selfie stick rig would have built…

I mean what are the chances of this actually happening…this is almost as good as when girls send me mirror selfies of them masturbating for the mirror..only it’s unexpected, surprise paprazzi gold…the shit that dreams are made of, something more red carpet events need and I’m just bummed she’s wearing panties…it would have been such a better hustle with no panties….why did she wear panties…what a fail…offset by such a win….


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The Wall Street Journal’s “The Magic of Gigi Hadid” of the Day


Gigi Hadid is being featured in Wall Street Journal, where they suck her dick by calling hte feature “The Magic of Gigi Hadid”…which isn’t really magic at all..but I guess it is the Wall Street Journal…so the fact that her dad is a billionaire developer is magic enough…knowing that they will be able to get some money out of her or even manage her trust fund for her…and being good to the A-List clientele and featuring their bullshit daughter’s modeling career like it matters…because apparently it matters..

The highlight of the feature is that she has rebranded herself….and an entire movement….

I think Instagram started when I was a junior in high school—if you scroll to the bottom of my account, I still have pictures with 500 likes. And then it just happened to be the theme of our generation of models: the ‘social-media supermodel’ or whatever they call it.”

So instagram whore…or rich kid of instagram..or Kardashian groupie sidekick for followers..who now dates a dude from One Direction…because the fashion industry likes her 23 million followers and dosn’t matter who she is…is calling herself as “SOCIAL MEDIA SUPER MODEL”…not a insta-slut….because she works with fashion brands you know…real high end fashion brands trying to reach dumb fucking kids…

She also said that social media came natural to her, because her dad hired the social media PR experts and she leveraged the kardashians…so organic you manipulative, bought your career, cunt..

Insta Garbage…that has polarized this situation…but is still garbage..

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