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Bet On NFL’s Thursday Night Football with MyBookie of the Day

Our latest partner is MyBookie….one of the best sports sites in the fucking world…cuz you can make money doing what you fucking love. I’ve met professional sports betters…it is a thing…and you should get in on it because it may be your calling…Start Betting Now.

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I don’t do sports, but I realize you’re all a bunch of simple minded dudes looking for tits, and thus probably really like sports. It speaks to your fucking soul and seeing dudes in tights get paid millions of dollars to bring a ball over a line while millions of people watch…as simplistic and retarded as it may be…instills an emotional reaction in the core of who you are…kinda gay…but you can’t help it you were born that way..

So as you and your family or friends sit together to watch any and all NFL games you can, getting fatter and fatter while the leagues make more and more money – you should be more ambitious, enterprising, money motivated…and you should be making a game out of the game yourself….you know trying to make money, testing your luck and your skill in predicting wins or losses…and GETTING paid for your useless knowledge of a useless thing…

It just makes the whole fanatic fan weirdness less fucking weird…

Which is why we partnered with MyBookie…it is to encourage you to stop being a passive loser watching others win, even while losing….and to get you to sign up and start betting on sports…what is the worst that can happen? You go broke and fucking lose the house, your life and end up medicating on the street corner addicted to crack…maybe…but chances are you’ll just have more fun watching the lame, queer sports you watch and love already because having skin in the game is better than having an erection watching the game for no real reason…other than your weirdo sexuality…and I guess it is better than having skin in your nightside table from the one time you had sex with a girl and she happened to be peeling from too long session at the tanning salon / cuz you murdered her and kept a trophy….

So Thursday Night Football is upon us…it is already Week 7…and the game is just around the corner like Christmas / me trying to creep on your girl when she’s showering… The game is: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos –

YOU can BET ON whatever you want but the Odds are Kansas City -3 with a total of 49 just be sure to BET!

Get Up To $1,000 Bonus With Your First Deposit.

I figure the best way to do this sports thing, is the only way I know how, by showcasing the only component of sports I like….the slutty Cheerleaders….

So here are the top 5 Cheerleaders from each team, and to be honest it was hard to find even 5 on each teams roster…cuz cheerleaders are actually pretty bunk…

Kansas City Chiefs

Denver Broncos

That’s Thursday Game – Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos. – MAKE YOUR BETS

Or Bet for Sunday’s Game – Washington Redskins at San Francison 49ers – Odds are SF -9.5 with a total of 41.5.

Here are their cheerleaders….

Washington Redskins

San Francisco 49ers


In the making of this very interesting article…we read the schedule wrong…so here are cheerleaders from two other teams because you can never have too many cheerleaders to diffuse how queer sports really are….

Minnesota Vikings

Arizona Cardinals

Get Up To $1,000 Bonus With Your First Deposit.

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Sports Spectator of the Day

This guy is amazing. He had a few drinks at a baseball game, realized baseball is boring as fuck and decided to make himself throw up all over an 11 year old girl for good times, but unfortunately her dad was an off-duty cop and dude ended up getting beat the fuck down…

I guess some people just don’t like seeing people have a good time. We call them rain on my paraders or fascist pigs….

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