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Doutzen Kroes Squating and Showing Off Her Stomach of the Day

I am still trying to figure out who told Victoria’s Secret to get out of lingerie and to go into everyday clothes because these photoshoot pics of Doutzen Kroes would be a lot more interesting if I could see her pussy. I guess when people try to make money they lose their fuckin’ soul and we all have to fuckin’ suffer. Not that the Victoria’s Secret catalog played a huge role in my life, but the idea of girls in their underwear is a hell of a lot more interesting that the idea of girls in jeans. Pretty simple logic…

At least they were keeping it fresh with some of the weirdos on set….

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Pam Anderson Squatting of the Day

Pam Anderson is squatting like this is because she is fighting with her vagina. The fucking thing is trying to get closer to the dirt where it belongs, trying to bury itself, because it’s done. It’s lived a long and full life that has seen many interesting things and wants to make room for new vagina, and Pam Anderson just isn’t ready to see it go.

Or maybe she’s just squatting like a China Man on a hot China day because she doesn’t have a chair. Maybe
the hepatitis really wears you down, so bad that you can’t stand for more than a couple of minutes without feeling faint, but I like to think it’s vagina suicide. It makes my boring life more interesting.

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