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George Hamilton Had Sex With his StepMother When He was 12 of the Day

The forever tanned sparkling white toothed George Hamilton revealed to the world that he had a sexual relationship with his stepmother when he was 12 and she was in her 30s. He thinks it was good experience and so would I, because when I was 12 I was learning how to speak English watching Sesame Street and I wasn’t getting 30 year old pussy. I know everyone finds this sick, but if I had a stepmother, I would have totally snuck into her bath with her and shit , because lets face it she’s not blood related and she has a vagina. The good news is that he said if he was molested he’d do it again and I think that’s the attitude most molested people should take, instead of feeling violated and acting like a fuckin’ victim, sex is a good thing and people have to be a little more down to fuck than putting all these rules and regulations and laws on the shit…..at least that’s what I tell my stepdaughters every time they threaten me about going to the authorities…..

On a side note, his son’s quite the comedian, you should check out his comedy routine by scrolling to the end of this video but the biggest joke is that Kimberly Stewart is his Half Sister…..who he probably didn’t fuck, since they have the same mom and that would be incest and incest is wrong, even if no one is looking, or if all your friends are doing it…

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Megan Fox is a Drunken Stepmother of the Day

So Megan Fox is a stepmother, I didn’t know that and have a new found respect for her because I am a firm believer that being in an extended family is better than having your own family. Not only can you escape pretty much all responsibility when you want, but you can also get that taste of parent hood to make you realize you made the right choice in not ruining your body or your pocketbook.

The other exciting thing about extended families is that you can fuck each other without having any genetic mutant babies, which is good news for Brian Austin Green’s kid he had with Vanessa Marcil, because in a few years, when he accidentally walks in on his stepmother showering, it’ll be okay to jerk off to what he say. If he’s really lucky, maybe the fact that he only has half of Brian Austin Green’s shitty genes and is a diluted version of the loser, will get Megan Fox lubed up and this kid will be living out my fantasy of being molested by a hot stepmother. That could just my jealousy of molested kids speaking, because no one took the time to molest me growing up and I feel like i’ve really missed out, or maybe it’s just the fact that seeing Megan Fox move onto new dick like the slut that she dresses like and pretends to be excites me.

Either way, here she is with her stepson.

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