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Rachel Heller Stolen Bikini Pictures of the Day

You probably don’t know Rachel Heller. She’s new to the Hollywood scene and she hasn’t publicly become a dirty, used up, piece of prescription drug addicted shit that you are used to, and I hope she never does, even though pretty much every other young whore in Hollywood does.

I guess she’s still fresh faced and keepin’ it classy and could be the next big thing, and lucky for you, her ex-boyfriend reads this site and sent me off these pictures he took of her.

They may not be as racy as ex-boyfriend pictures go, but she’s got a tight little body that I hope helps her take the fuck over, cuz I know I need new blood, and I’m not just saying that because my kidney’s are failing, I’m saying it cuz I’m bored of all the hollywood pussy I am forced to write about…

On an unrelated sidenote she’s in a movie with the kid who plays the founder of Facebook in some new movie about Facebook, maybe she can help me get my Facebook account back to fucking life, or maybe I got disabled cuz I spent the other night writing her personal essays about my penis……..either way, look out for this one, and I do mean that as a warning to her cuz I got my eye on her, I’m just too lazy to get off my couch to actually park in a van outside her house…Enjoy….

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Some Kate Moss Stolen Topless Pics of the Day

I stole this topless pictures form some photography student from LA who had it on her site. Her stepmother is some model and her father is in some band and I guess that gives her access to people like Kate Moss with her shirt off. My life is not so convenient, but that doesn’t matter, what does matter is that I asked her if I could post it, she didn’t answer me, I guess she was too busy doing nothing, it broke my heart, so I figured I’ll just throw it up and that’s all I got to say about that, because Kate Moss topless is a thing of the past, if this girl wants exposure she’s gotta get some video of Chris Brown beating Rihanna, or maybe of some Lohan/ Ronson sex tape…..

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