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Dita Von Teese Stupid Outfit of the Day

I don’t find Dita Von Teese hot. I never did. Not even when she was dildo fucking on video back when she was nothing but an internet star, before Burlesque made a comeback, because fat and ugly girls apparently want the opportunity to feel sexy too and before the internet star became known outside of the internet thanks to Playboy, giving bitch a long lasting career pretending she’s a Vampire from the 1940s.

I do find this outfit hysterical, it’s some clown shit, I’m talking Patch Adams shit, I hope she’s on her way to the hospital to help dying kids realize dying is no so bad cuz people like this exist in the world and make a career off it and had no choice but to post it.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Amber Rose Stupid Tits in Stupid Glasses of the Day

I don’t like Amber Rose. I don’t find anything interesting about her and I hate the way she dresses like she’s some kind of robot from the future. I find it fucking annoying, but I do like tits, so I guess Kanye’s theory that no one will catch onto his homosexuality, or the fact that he just likes Amber Rose to shop with and talk about boys with, and not to titty fuck her or get her pregnant, as long as she shows off her tits and ass and keeps up her moderate sex appeal while staying moderately masculine with a shaved head to make his idiot fans jealous enough to ignore the truth while allowing him to keep up the lie by not throwing up when he rubs her hand in her hair because this way he can pretend she’s a dude when he closes his eyes to kiss her for the media….

People with money and success always do this keeping up appearances shit because rappers aren’t liked as much when they suck dick or get fucked up the ass by white men (because he’s racist) to get off and I blame it all on him being raised without a daddy…

Broken homes make for broken rectum thanks to all the white men he lets inside him behind closed doors, but in front of closed doors, it’s this tryin’ hard to be a “sex robot” to disract you from the wad of cum dripping off his chin…

Here are a few better pictures of her sloppy fat ass that you’ve been tricked into thinking is hot…..

Pics via PacificCoastNews
Pics via Fame

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Kim Kardashian in Some Stupid Pants of the Day

Kim Kardashian’s found an interesting way to hide her fat, and that’s to make pants out of fucking bed sheets. I don’t know what shit she’s trying to pull off, maybe it has something to do with trying to connect to her roots by wearing traditional traveling Armenian gypsy outfits or maybe she’s tyring to connect with her black man market by dressing like MC Hammer in the 90s, rockin’ some parachute pants like she was Theo Fucking Huxtible, or Dwayne Wayne, or maybe bitch thinks she’s is a Genie in a bottle you need to rub the right way, and the right way, and as far as I’m concerned, the only way to rub this pig is not behind the fuckin’ ears on on it’s pig pussy, but by shoving a 12 gauge down her throat by tellin her to suck your pipe like it was Ray J, but that’s probably because I have anger issues or maybe it is cuz I think pigs should be treated like pigs, not named and brough into the house like a fucking pet….

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Hayden Panettiere Can’t Figure Out How to Pay of the Day

Like most muscular jock-types, Hayden gets a little confused when it comes to grocery shopping. Sure she has no problem carrying all her groceries in one hand, including one of those huge jugs of water, like she was working the fuckin’ plantation, while doing one armed push ups to her car with the other hand, just because she can, but when it comes to the simple things like putting in your pin number or signing her name, she freezes. I guess that’s just the bi-product of never finishing highschool because you’re too busy getting rich in Hollywood.

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