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A Couple Retired Supermodels Making Out With Each Other of the Day

Sure these aren’t pictures of Elle Macpherson and Claudia Schiffer actually making out with each other, but they should be, despite Katy Perry ruining my interest in girl on girl action so that every time I see any girl on girl action her Kissed a Girl garbage plays on repeat in my head, because I’d still be down to see it, since I grew up on these girls and 10 years too late is better than never…

I don’t know where these pictures were taken, but it seems like these ladies are doing everyday mom stuff, so I can only assume it’s some private island they drop ex models off at, you know so the public doesn’t get a tarnished vision of the perfection they once had, you know as they age and rot away into disgusting, it’s pretty much the same logic as to why you don’t want an open casket at your funeral, but I think that’s just overkill, let these whores into the general public, they’ve already had it too fuckin’ easy, let us use the private islands for for homeless people and people with Aids and homosexuals, you know to clean up our streets and make the world a better place.

Here are those pics.

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