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Susan Lucci in a Bathing Suit of the Day

We live in a world where headlines include “Kylie Jenner Tries Cereal with Milk for the First Time”….

So seeing the media celebrate 71 year old Susan Lucci in a bathing suit is not that surprising, because the easiest people to manipulate with the media are the people who read the tabloids and who watch the soap operas because they are on disability and don’t have actual jobs…

I don’t see how saying “look at this hot plastic old as fuck lady in a bathing suit being empowered and a boss after 50 years of soap opera acting” is ok…

I thought people were supposed to hate skinny women and yell at them for giving into the patriarchy, and giving unrealistic body norms for the youth..

Where are the other 71 year old women throwing shade and side eye and hating on this bitch slutting out in her one piece at the aquafitness class.

Why is there this inconsistency on what is ok to say “look at that bod”…and what is “rape”…or bad for the fat people who are jealous…

Is it ok cuz she’s old? Clearly plastic surgeried like she always has been…but celebrated….

This is for Harper’s Bazaar. They need to figure out there stance and stick to it….an article strictly based on celebrating an old ladies physical looks…crazy in this era of inclusion…but the people are into it…confusing me even more.

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Susan Lucci and Her Bikini Pics of the Day

I have spent my fair share of time depressed, out of work, hungover and forced to watch Soap Operas because I had nothing else to do with my time and it was the only channel I got on TV. I always hated them and never really got into their complex story lines, but I was always drawn to the fact that they were pornos for housewives, you know written like a drugstore romance novel, with passionate suggestive love scenes, bad acting, bad sets, bad story lines, bad dialog, and the thought of thousands of mom’s jerking off when their kids were at school, or grandmas jerking off when their husbands were dead, everyday to the same fucking shows I was watching was enough to get me off.

Here’s some legendary soap star, Susan Lucci showing off her old body in a bikini this past weekend for those of you who were unemployed bums at some point in your life and have already cum to her cleavage on TV.

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