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Bar Refaeli is the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Cover Girl of the Day

I had no idea that it was that Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition time of year. Maybe it’s because I am not a jock or into sports and feel like the best place to find my masturbation material is on the internet searching “gaping teen prostitutes with two dicks in their asshole”, but I know a lot of guys get excited when already established bikini/lingerie models get into their bikinis and lingerie, have their nipples photoshopped out, all because it makes their subscription to this shit finally make sense and worth reading.

Sure SI adds a few athlete’s and athlete wives into the bikini mix, they do the whole body painted shit, and I’ve jerked off to the magazine before, but that was in 1988 to Elle Macpherson, when nipples and porn weren’t all that available to a good Catholic 18 year old boy like me, so SI needs to get with the program and start taking spread eagled vagina shots of these whores because we all know these model bitches will do it and still can’t believe how much they get paid to just stand there in a bikini and have there pictures taken, there waiting for the catch, because if it’s too good to be true it usually is, they’ve just never been asked.

So Bar Refaeli is the new cover girl….I guess Jews Really Are Taking Over the World….

Here’s the video….

BONUS – Here’s Some Brooklyn Decker Body Paint Pictures….

And the Video…

I am sure a lot more pictures and videos are going to hit. I have to decide whether to bother with another post or just keep feeding this one or maybe I’ll just link you to the source, that sounds a lot easier and they have a staff to make these things better quality than I can, so even if those pieces of shit aren’t paying me to link, I’m just gonna link them anyway. See how complicated my life is?

To See All the SI VIDEOS of the Models and Athletes and there are a fucking lot of them…Follow this link:

To See All the SI Photos of the Models and Athletes and there are a fucking lot of them…Follow this Link….

To See All The Girls Get Body Painted…Follow This Link…

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I am – Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Picture of the Day

I walked into a coffee shop earlier today and I sat next to two middle aged mothers who were on some kind of gossip date. They were talking about their friend who caught her husband fucking a hooker in a motel room after following him around all night because she didn’t trust his shit. They started off bitching about how sick of a person the husband was for doing what he did and then one of them went off about the whore calling her job disgusting. She said something like “I don’t know how a woman does it?” or some shit and I pulled out a 5 dollar bill, walked up to her and told her that I could show her. She didn’t laugh and told me to fuck off so I guess prostitution isn’t so easy, even though we’re all whores in our own way. Like I am a whore to this website. I’ve been sitting here waiting for this programmer to give me something to work with and I couldn’t figure out what else to do with myself and I don’t even get $5 everytime I suck it’s dick….

Either way, here are the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue with Marisa Miller on the cover. You’ve probably already seen them already- but I felt obligated to post them regardless because just because the site is down, doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to do posts. Yes, my life is that depressing and the real depressing thing is that I am even more depressed without the site than with it.

Marisa Miller

Marisa Miller Body Painted

Ana Beatriz Barros

Bar Rafaeli

Brooklyn Decker

Daniella Sarahyba

Jeisa Chiminazzo

Jessica Gomes

Selita Ebanks

There are a hell of a lot more pictures out there. Just buy the magazine you cheap fuck.

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