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Taylor Momsen’s Intensity of the Day

I think the best way to start my day at :30 is to see Taylor Momsen exasperated, exhausted, destroyed, topless, after one of her shows…because that’s just the intensity she brings to rock and roll….

She’s no candy coated, voice of “where are you christmas” from the Grinch who Stole Christmas like her parents stole her youth, or maybe gifted her with a career, because she can channel that angst into her shitty rock and roll…”art”..

She’s like a fucking Garth Brooks concert, bitch runs everywhere, or just another lazy coddled rich kid, tired cuz she had to get up and perform to keep that money coming in….

The energy so raw…so real…so contrived…where are the tits?

Remember she was a girl who broke free from her bullshit celebrity – wearing lingerie in concerts…what is this bullshit…it’s just that…bullshit…

GIVE ME MORE. We live in a world where everyone are sluts. Deliver.

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Taylor Momsen Topless After a Show of the Day

Taylor Momsen does whatever she can to get noticed…but she just doesn’t try hard enough….because the world has forgotten who Taylor Momsen was…

She was better at this shocking with slutty behavior in trying to be a fake rocker…bto separate herself from her spoiled and candy coated hollywood image….in efforts to make it as a contrived musician…cuz she’s been up in hollywood since she was 1 and bullshit is all she knows….

You see at 16, in lingerie, on stage, making blowjob faces is a big deal, but at 25, it’s kinda what you expect to find at ever college party….or instagram, played out…

So her getting topless, is whatever….especially when there are no nipples ….

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