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Teenage Lesbian Fantasy That’s Not a Real Fantasy of the Day

The good thing about young girls is that even if they are ugly, they are still hot, because they are young. It’s one of those fantasy over reality things that makes fucking their tight bodies a lot of fun, because they have tight bodies and when you’ve been with older women, you realize that body is short fucking lived until you end up with a doughy middle-aged mess..that’s why everyone under 25 is magical to me…even if they aren’t the hotness you expected them to be when their extensive vocabulary impressed you when you used to watch them in interview at 10 years old. I’m talking to you Dakota Fanning….or if you’re a piece of white trash who looks like you shit in a hole behind your house cuz you have no running water, but you gotta empty your bowels, not so much because the racoon and squirrel meat isn’t sitting right, but because daddy wants to fuck and he knows fucking the ass is safer than fucking the pussy, cuz ol’ one eyed, one armed, flipper baby cousin Earl’s parents were daughter and daddy and it didn’t work out so well….We call that redneck backwoods evolution….and here are the pics of them at a premiere where they play The Runaways, which was a lesbian band with Joan Jett..

Here is the old cougar dyke with fake tits who has given up cock and into fucking young girls..because she likes showing them the ropes…as she recruits them into lesbianism…I’ve see this erotic movie from the 70s before….

Pics via Fame

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Myspace Mom of the Day


So I wrote a myspace message to some teenage mother. I respect fertile people and I think teenage pregnancy is really hysterical.

—————– Original Message —————–
From: DrunkenStepfather.com
Date: Feb 6, 2006 10:49 AM

if you are 23, and have 2 kids, does that mean you are a spic?
or are you native american on the indian reserve?
or are you just poor and trying to find a way to get an increase on the welfare checks.
I bet you have a mangled vagina.
Tell “Halen” (her son, named after Van Halen), Jesus Says Hello.

Jesus Martinez

Nothing says crystal meth lab in our basement more than naming your ghetto kid after a ghetto band. Especially when you are 23 and your kid is 7. Either way, this is her response to me.

For one thing i am not on welfare and have a good job and a boy friend that i love vary much and you should keep your words to your self.
Thank you April

I know how bitches like this work. They are sad and loney and get themselves knocked up in efforts to keep their man, and always have someone by their site. This sometimes ends in deadbeat dads, but seriously, if you were to slam this girl in the parking lot outside the local sports bar, would you want to be stuck with her life. It’s called murder suicide for a reason.

I know I can’t spell, but typos are funnier from teenage mother’s cuz you know their preganancy forced them to quit grade 8.


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