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Teyana Taylor for Agent Provocateur of the Day

Teyana Taylor is the hot girl from Kanye videos…who is out there being hot…

She’s the kind of black girl I would want to go to police academy to become a mall cop…since I won’t past the physical….but mall cop man…that’s the fucking dream…parked outside the Victoria’s Secret motherfuckers….where I’d arrest Teyana Taylor….even though she’s at Agent Provocateur…the more expensive, more premium, and luxurious sugar baby brand…but I’d still arrest the bitch for shoplifting…racial profiling and shit…cuz I’d want to force her into a strip search….and that is where systematic racism works for the patriarchy….in authoritarian roles…

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Teyana Taylor Slutty for Titty Magazine of the Day

Teyana Taylor Slutty for Titty Magazine Pulling Her Thong Up

Teyana Taylor is the hot chick from that Make America Great Again video that Kanye put out called “Fade” which was inspired by Trump’s haircut, I think…but could be wrong…

She was the best thing about that video, because Teyana Taylor was wearing tight clothing in it…..humping the floor in her thong dancing….

She’s now doing more slutty content for a TITTY magazine, which is a step in the right direction, for a girl who is known primarily for being a thonged ass fucking the floor….

She’s from Harlem, her mom is her manager, she’s on Def Jam Label, and this is how she has to present herself to the world to get ahead…

Systematic racism maybe, but at least she’s getting some mainstream media coverage to help her build her fame and audience…the way you should…

Tits out.


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Teyana Taylor Racy for GQ South Africa of the Day

Teyana Taylor in GQ South Africa looking sexy

Teyana Taylor is in GQ South Africa…which is pretty fucking racy in their content because I guess that’s how the Whites of South Africa who probably run the magazine like to showcase black people from America….because South Africa and their weird racist Arpathied shit are fucked up….

That said, Teyana Taylor is from Harlem, her mom is her manager, she’s on some Def Jam label and this is the media she gets…not quite GQ USA or even GQ UK but it’s a start…her actual start was on My Super Sweet 16….and her actual set for life was having Iman Shumpert from the Cav’s basketball baby 2 years ago…

GOOD TIMES Teyana Taylor whoever the fuck you are…

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