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Tommy Lee’s New Pussy is Now Rotton Pussy of the Day

There’s this thing with Hepatitis that makes it contagious….so when you’re dating Tommy Lee…you need to be vaccinated…and assuming that even if the bitch is vaccinated…there’s still the chance that some of the shit managed to beat down the doors of her immune system…cuz his strain is Rockstar and penetrates as many livers as his dick has penetrated women…meaning that after these freaks break-up, because they will, this pussy that may have once been young and fresh and maybe even wanted in her circle of friends, may not have the same appeal…obviously she’ll still get laid proper cuz guys will fuck anything…but they may have second thoughts going down on her…like she was a hooker…unless of course they were already HIVed up and pretty much open to risk since they’ve already got the worst of it….and here are her pics…

Pics via Fame

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Tommy Lee is a DJ and Victoria Silvstedt is his DJ Whore of the Day

So Tommy Lee is another one of these celebrity DJs who goes out to clubs because they offer him a lot of fucking money to get behind the turntables and let his ipod do the talking.

Now I don’t really give a shit about this whole celebrity DJ movement, I think it’s a huge fucking joke, but that’s probably because I don’t think DJing really takes all that much talent, I figure if you have any level of rhythm, like if you were a drummer or something, mixing other people’s songs into one another would be pretty fucking easy.

What I don’t fucking understand why he’d want to DJ. Isn’t he rich and famous? Maybe it is because his band isn’t making moves or money because he’s settled all those lawsuits out of court with girls he gave STDs to. Maybe it is because it is the only way he can convince a club to hire him to attend, and he figures he might as well make stupid money to get drunk, then not and it lets him be the center of attention and source of the music all the sluts in the club are dancing to.

No matter what it is, it’s a fucking scam and cunt Victoria Silvstedt is feeding right into it, but that’s okay, because she’s a fucking idiot, and idiots are expected to suck up to an overpaid, ex rockstar DJ, because they are more famous that her mooching ass and she’s willing to do anything possible, as long as it involves getting dick in her mouth/ass/pussy, to climb up the ladder, even though she’s old, washed up, and disgusting.

Bonus – A Picture of Tommy Lee Advertising to the World That He’s Tricked Us All Into Making Him Famous. Thanks Asshole.

Here are some more pictures of Victoria Silvstedt and whatever the fuck this event was….because she’s a fucking whore.

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Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee Get Coffee Together of the Day

You know those who get Aids together stay together because having to tell your new partner about your ailment is more embarrassing than the time I shat the bed at a girl’s house like I was in Trainspotting only without the heroin and without the parents in the morning. It was just one of those, I have to fart situation that ended really fucking messy, but only because she was giving me a blowjob at the time. I feel like that is the one time in my life, she would have rather heard that she was suckin on a Aids dick, instead of being smeared with feces, but other than that rare circumstance, it’s a pretty obvious killjoy.

Either way, Pam and Tommy are out on a coffee date, they both looked haggard as fuck and aging hasn’t worked out so amazing for them, I guess they could be out talking about the kids, but what I do know is that Pam Anderson makes a serious point about having sex after every date and that’s why no matter what they are doing together, they are ending the day with a fuck and that’s because Pam Anderson is a whore….a busted up whore…but still a whore.

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