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Ashley Tisdale Ugly Watch of the Day

Good News…This cunt Ashley Tisdale, who I could tell was a huge victim of positive affirmations from her family and the public, who developed a confidence and a huge ego thanks to being cast on a hit show and a successful nose job, who actually believed she had it going on and was the hottest starlet in Hollywood because she wasn’t fat and cuz people were telling her she was has finally come to terms with the reality that she is ugly and far from a natural beauty as she hides her ugly face under her ugly hat and covers up with a bottle of water while leaving the gym she needs to make her fuckable, cuz a fat body to go with a broken down face is never a good thing, it would probably be the end of her career and she knows that so she does us all a favor and covers that shit up, and I’d like to thank her for that.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Ashley Tisdale Ugly Watch The Bikini Edition of the Day

I have this thing where I track how ugly Ashley Tisdale is because I hate her and think she’s ugly and feel that just because she got a nosejob and a gig on some Disney Bullshit and a few awards were bought for her, she’s got this ego where she doesn’t realize how ugly she is. It’s called delusions and that’s the same kind of shit that landed me in an institution a few years ago because I thought I was a cop and would go around trying to arrest people with my pants around my ankles , something a hell of a lot less insane than Ashley Tisdale looking in the mirror everyday and thinking she’s got it going on…

So she’s put me to the official test and she has gone all out in her bikini, something I like to see any girl in, except maybe my wife or women of my wife’s size, but as we know Tisdale puts a lot of effort into working out so that she doesn’t have a fat body…. but she didn’t bring down my guard and despite it almost working on me as I stared into her non-cellulite teenage lookin’ ass, I still see ugly, and know she’s ugly and really ugly never stopped ne from fuckin a bitch, so long as she knows she’s fucking ugly….something I don’t think Tisdale knows….

So here she is with her awkward sex partner….

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Ashley Tisdale is Still Ugly, Even When Half Naked of the Day

I do this thing called the Ashley Tisdale Ugly Watch, because I saw her winning the hottest actress of the year in some Teen Choice award a few years ago, and the smile on her face, made me really believe she thought she was actually hot…I thought maybe it had something to do with her nosejob, or the fact that she works out, or that people keep giving her positive reinforcement and the whole thing made me mad enough to start a campaign against her, so people everywhere know she doesn’t have it going on….and even when she’s half naked in a sports bra and when when you put Ashley Tisdale next to a fat ass, she still looks like shit, throwing away the urban legend that hanging with people uglier than you makes you look better, when really all it does is just make you look like a group of ugly people who are forced to stick together cuz no one likes ugly people…

Pics via Bauer

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Ashley Tisdale Ugly Watch Continues of the Day

Ashley Tisdale can get all the plastic surgery she wants, but will never quite get all the plastic surgery she needs, because that level of science has just not been reached yet, we’re talkin some Holograph shit they used on CNN for the Obama campaign but the real fuckin’ version, where 3D artists can re-work her in ways the knife can’t.
Bitch can go to all the fucking pilates, yoga, core training classes she wants to, in efforts to tighten up that little fuckin’ body to distract us from her almost 30 year old face that pretends its almost 25 so she can get cast in Disney productions where she pretends she’s 15, but that’s not gonna make the Disney execs wanna fuck her like she was Miley, but that may not be because she’s disgusting to look at but because the pussy is legal drinking age, in case you didn’t know the whole Peter Pan story was based on Walt’s dream of never growin’ up so that the pussy stays the same underage age…but that doesn’t matter….

Bitch can wear all the slutty heels, or tight jeans with rhinestones on the shit like she was a common fuckin’ whore or at least a tacky piece of trash at the trailer park who puts out so her lifelong dream of being pregnant at 16 comes true, but that doesn’t mean anyone who takes her up on the offer actually thinks she’s hot just cuz she’s asking for it, guys are horny and will fuck anything and the fact that she’s on TV discounts the fact that she’s disgusting, hell even Darlene from Roseanne got fucked on the regular when she was at the top of her game and she wasn’t even like a whore who can’t get business no matter how many tricks she uses on her everything must go, going out of business, discount bargain basement bin” pussy.

Pics Via PacificCoastNews

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