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Denise Richards and Joanna Krupa with Dogs of the Day

I guess it was useless nobody who used to be hotter back when they had an ego and didn’t realize that it would all come to an end now that they got old day at the dog park, I don’t know if that makes sense, but what I’m trying to say is that there was a time when these girls both though they had the world in the palm of their hands, because they were hot and everyone was recognizing how hot they were and giving them low level jobs that were important enough for them to think they had it all, but now they are old, their careers never really took off, and they are just hanging on going to whatever events they can before they are totally forgotten and I still think at least one of them is hot, seriously I don’t know what Denise Richards did to herself, but it looks like serious heavy drug use and bad plastic surgery and I can only hope her spirits are lost because a girl who has lost her spirit is more nudity even if it’s not as good as it was but is still better than nothing….

So here they are with their little friends who eat their tampons, if they still get their periods, who eat their dirty underwear, who watch them shit and piss, and who see them fuck and masturbate…a life much better than the one my dog has, who plays amongst garbage and rarely gets fed anything but Mac and Cheese…but does get to watch me wipe my wife’s ass and even he knows that’s pathetic….

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Ginger Spice, Career Starts…Career Ends….



This one’s called Ginger in the Beginning and Ginger in the end. It’s a little commentary on how fast we age and how short life really is. In Geri’s useless mind, it feels like just last week when she was sitting there posing for some amateur photographer for a couple quid to pay for her flat and for her club kid drugs. Now bitch is old, washed up and is rockin a gunt. This slag’s rockin’ a carpet to cover up the fat.

I am not hating on Geri, I actually think she’s a very talented singer, and will be likely be performing on some resort for a tab at the bar and a room to sleep in, until her uterus drys up, falls out on stage and is sold on ebay, so Geri can afford estrogen therapy and a one room apartment, cuz no one wants a singer with no uterus.

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