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I am – Oscar De La Hoya Cross Dressing of the Day


These are some pretty gay fucking pictures, probably the gayest pictures I have ever posted. I am not saying that De La Hoya is gay because he wears women’s underwear and some sexy fishnet outfit with heels, something you’ve probably jerked off to girls wearing in pictures all the time. You may have never seen it in real life, because girls don’t get sexy for you, if you are even lucky enough to convince one to bang you, she’s probably doing the bare fucking minimum either because of the shame or because the roofies made her lazy. Point being, that just because a dude gets off to wearing women’s clothes doesn’t mean he takes it in the ass, it’s just a pretty good sign that he probably does…and if he did take it up the ass, this shit would probably make a lot more sense to us. I know that I have an easier time accepting fags doing fag things than straight guys doing fag things.

So I guess it is safe to say that De La Hoya probably won all the boxing matches in his career because shit turned him on. You know animalistic beating down of men is probably the most homosexual thing out there, because fags are into men and men are into beating each other up so being a fag who beats men up is probably some crazy foreplay, a lot like a straight guy getting off to going down on a girl.

The only other explanation I have for this is that he’s been punched in his head a few too many times and feels like the only way to show his feminine side is to actually wear women’s clothes, you know showing the world there is more to him that a good fighter. Or maybe he was a good fighter because he was repressing shit all these years and took out the fact that he banged chicks when all he really wanted was balls on his opponents.

I knew a whore who used to deal with very rich powerful dudes, I am talking Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, Business Men, and they would all ask her to be the dominant because all day, everyday, they are the boss and they are telling people what to do, so having a rich dude on all fours with a leash on and a dildo in his ass was common for her. Maybe De La Hoya’s one of those people….

Either way, I don’t get it and these pictures should have never been allowed to be taken. The world doesn’t need to see anyone like this even if it is some elaborate plan of coming out to your wife and family without actually having to tell them to their faces that you’re a ‘mo. Shit’s massively embarrassing and I would be embarrassed for this fucker if I actually gave a shit. Instead I’ll just laugh at the pics with the rest of the world. I just hope you know realize how gay boxing is everytime you’re sitting in a room filled with men watching topless men beat the fuck out of each other.

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