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Andy Richter Gets Groupie Ass of the Day

It turns out that when you are Andy Richter, ice cream eating moms with hot asses in yoga pants stop to say hi, even though you are a worthless irrelevant, fat fuck, who killed the Conan show because you’re Conan’s friend Conan felt sorry for and decided to give a second chance to, despite the original Conan sucking with Andy Richter and Conan really only seeing any success without Andy Richter, when Andy Richter was cocky and thought he didn’t need Conan anymore so moved onto being on sitcoms no one watched and eventually retiring, until Conan made the stupid decision to give him work on his new show, only to alienate Conan’s audience and making the shit fail, while making Conan a ton of money, but probably making him feel rejected, like when you bang a hot girl when she’s drunk and she never calls you back, but instead mails you 500 dollars to never tell a soul, knowing it happened is good, but knowing she pretends it didn’t and is willing to pay for the mistake to disappear kinda hurts….Not that I care – I think all these assholes make too much money for what they offer society, get too much pussy and don’t do enough to society to deserve it. It’s like they are pulling some insane scam we should all get in on but they won’t let us in cuz they don’t want the world to know how easy what they do is, so they keep the circle tightly closed….motherfuckers….

Pics via Fame

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Molly Sims Doing All Kinds of Weird Shit for Her Puppies of the Day

Molly Sims is some former Bikini Model and actor in the show Las Vegas and she’s usually pretty fucking hot for a 35 year old even though her age is catching up to her in her thighs. I have no idea what she’s doing in these pictures but I see Yoga Pants and the splits and squats so the rest is kind of a blurr to me because I am the kind of guy who you can’t take anywhere, because as a pervert I take everything out of context.

If I am walking buy a group of moms doing Yoga in the park during the summer, the first thing I think about is them doing it naked, on camera for some random Mexican dude they met in the park. Or, when I see middle-aged mom’s and their daughters in matching Yoga pants just walking and shopping in the mall, I think about them doing it naked on camera for some random Mexican dude they met in the mall. The reality is that my taking everyday things out of context and turning all things perverted has been a curse and has prevented me from living a normal life.

What I do know is that if this is the kind of performance she gives her dogs in public, I’d love to see what goes on behind cloed doors, I am not going to go as far as saying she shoves them up her cooch to simulate a reverse pregnancy for fun and to create a stronger bond exercise, or even the played out peanut butter myth, but if she’s doin’ what she’s doin in these pictures but a little more naked and a little more on camera in a lot more positions, those little cocksuckers are pretty fucking lucky and that’s not even taking into account that they get to eat her used tampons or lick her dirty panties or watch her get fucked by whoever she’s fucking or watch her shower all while drinking designer water and eating their doggy Filet Mignon, proving that their little dog life is a hell of a lot better than mine, which isn’t saying much because most stray dogs with rabies and no where to go have a better life than me.

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I am – Reese Witherspoon’s Mom Ass in Yoga Pants of the Day


Here are some pictures of Reese Witherspoon in her favorite yoga ass hugging pants that every mom with rich husbands, a nanny and weekly hair, nail and massage appointments, who spend their days shopping and working out with their personal trainer they fuck, seem to have, because they are living the dream.

Speaking of dreams, I don’t have dreams when I sleep anymore, I think it’s because they’ve always let me down so my brain just kinda turned that shit off as to not cock tease me with thoughts of things I’ll never have, like hot girls, fast cars, big houses and endless bottles of whiskey….I’d say that Reese Witherspoon probably doesn’t have dreams anymore, because she’s pretty much lived them all out. She’s won the Academy Award, married, had kids with and divorced some teenage girl’s dream cock 10 years ago and now there’s really not much living left for her to do, she’s peaked and it’s all downhill from here and that’s probably pretty depressing, but nothing beats depression like edorphines from chronic working out in hopes of holding onto a career and making dudes wanna fuck her despite her baggage.

The reason I am posting these pictures, is because after having a bunch of kids, her ass is still pretty solid, and for any of you mom’s out there, this could prove to you that your dreams of having a decent mom ass are possible, and to the dad’s out there, you can realize that your dreams of your wife having a decent mom ass are also possible, your wife’s just too lazy to get off her fat ass to make it worth fuckin’ again, except for when you are really horny and tired of jerking off. I guess the lesson of the day is that anything is possible, if you put your mind to it. I should write kid’s books.


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