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Madonna is Still Obnoxious of the Day

In case you were wondering, and I know you were, because the song Material Girl really connected with you back when it came out, at least to the point where you were bouncing around your house singing it in your mom’s dress in front of the mirror until your dad walked in on you and beat the fuck out of you for being a little queer, something he didn’t ever accept or want in his house, forceing you to supress that part of your life, but take on carpentry or Football to prove to him how much of a man you are, blocking out that love for Madonna for your entire life, leaving you unsure why every time her songs come on you feel like crying….Madonna is fuckin’ ridiculous.

Sure swimming in shorts and a tank top was a good thing, so that we don’t have to see her dying corpse of a body, but having a motherfucker hold an umbrella over her head is just fuckin crazy….

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Madonna Makes the Right Bathing Suit Choice of the Day

I am definitely not the ideal parent, you know the kind of guy you’d want your kids to look up to as a mentor and advisor. I’m not the person you’d want teaching your kids life lessons and important things like how to treat other people, or how to drink without puking, but that’s okay, because I don’t have kids of my own to fuck up.

Madonna on the otherhand does and I think bringing her 20 year old fuck toy into her kids’ life some serious asshole behavior, that’s the kind of shit that will turn Lourdes into some kind of daddy issue whore, mimicking her mother and ending up with a pussy that has seen more cock than my uncle’s chicken farm, not that that’s a big deal, especially considering those are the only kinds of girls who have sex with me, and the fact that Madonna’s got staff to take care of the kids and to let them know that what their mommy does is wrong and that she’s a horrible, vile person who I am ashamed I ever masturbated to, but the one thing she did do right is her choice in bathing suits, because a covered up Madonna is a far better Madonna than one in a bikini. Good job, you whore. Let’s hope you drowned.

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Sexy Madonna Picture of the Day

No, I’m not gay, although when whores finger my asshole and play with my nipples you’d think that I was, so I don’t actually find this picture of Madonna sexy, but I’m guessing she does, because otherwise, she’d do what other insecure cunts do and put some fuckin’ pants on. The thought of her vagina sneaking it’s way out of those panties is some serious shit, I’m talking what nightmares are made of, I mean provided she still has a vagina, because based on science the level of testosterone pumpin thru her veins could grow her a set of balls.

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Hot Madonna Picture of the Day

Lookin’ Good Sweetheart. I have a pretty strong stomach. I don’t ever throw up, I don’t get grossed out, I even watched 1 Guy, 1 Cup where the motherfucker’s asshole exploded into a bloody mess and I wasn’t phased. But for some reason, this shit made my stomach turn. I guess I just hairy faced menopausal bitches

BONUS – Here’s a Video of Madonna’s Driver Going Nuts on the Paparazzi

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Some Vintage Madonna Nude of the Day

So this vintage nude picture of Madonna is up for auction, they are estimating that it’s worth somewhere around 10,000 dollars, but I think that bush is fucking priceless. The truth is that I don’t hate bush, I find them entertaining and fully shaved is so fucking mainstream, I like seeing a little fucking character, as long as I am not knee deep in the shit. The site has always supported bush in theory and I am not going to back down now by dissing Madonna for rocking a 70s bush in the 70s, especially since she over the last 30 years, her clit has grown to the size of my penis with all the steroids and I am down with celebrating her when she was still a woman, I mean look at those fucking tits.

Here’s a quote about the auction…

Madonna, then known as Madonna Louise Ciccone, may have earned as little as $25 for the 1979 modeling session. The raw, full frontal black-and-white image, taken by Lee Friedlander, appeared in Playboy in 1985 and is to be auctioned Feb. 12. Madonna was a 20-year-old dancer trying to make ends meet when she answered Friedlander’s newspaper ad seeking a nude model, said Matthieu Humery, head of Christie’s photography department.

I guess that just goes to show that anytime you use your body for money, someone else is making a lot more money off it and it will surface after you establish yourself and become a mega star. I am totally for girls getting naked for money, I am also totally for girls getting naked for free. I hate the stigma that they have thinking sending me nudes will ruin their chances of getting into college, or will be shameful to their families, when nudity is our natural state. So prude bitches who don’t get naked or send me naked pictures on the internet are the real whores. I guess I am like a hippie despite hating hippies and firmly believe nudity is our natural state and I want to celebrate your natural state by cumming all over my belly lookin’ at you in all your glory…well not you…since you’re a dude…but you if you have a vagina, if you know what I mean.

Update: I didn’t notice the armpit hair or leg hair because I was staring at her bush and trying to make out the lips behind all her Italian glory, and I definitely don’t support negligence in maintenance, it is lazy, despite my love for bush. Get it together you fucking slob.

Another Update: I want to own this picture, so I think I need to start a fundraiser on the site for you all to donate to this very important cause. If we get to our target and get this picture, I promise to tour it around the world and let each and every one of you sniff it. I just don’t know how to start a fundraiser on the internet because I am disorganized.

To See The Auction at Christies, Follow This Link

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Madonna Falls then Makes Out With a Dancer On Stage of the Day

Here’s a video of Madonna falling, it happens in the first 40 seconds of the video and the music track just keeps on going, proving that she doesn’t even need to be at the concert for the concert to go down. Maybe she’s just letting us know that you don’t need talent to be rich, you just need to be a slut, but we already know that, so maybe it’s just some kind of Christmas Miracle or Madonna super power called lip synching, but for some reason her fans don’t seem to care. Maybe they are just trying to pretend they are getting their 200 dollar ticket’s worth, you know denial….

The first time I watched the clip, I missed the old lady wipe out, unfortunately not injuring herself, but I did see her lesbian make out session with one of her dancers, because she’s all about shock and awe desite shit being disgusting, but the truth is it isn’t a lesbian make out session at all, because when Madonna went thru menopause her vagina turned into testicles….really muscular testicles. Watch the video….

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Hayden Panettiere in a Low Cut Shirt for Madonna of the Day

I was sitting next to a late night pizza place after going out drinking last night and this girl walked by a group of older immigrant drunk men, alone. The guys ravaged her. They were pulling at her and asking her questions like if she liked to fuck. Then one of them asked her if she wanted to see their friend’s big purple cock, and the guy who was the owner of the big purple cock, said he didn’t want it getting back to his kids, but he assured her that his cock was big and purple and the girl ran off, choosing to not get pizza where old men with big purple cocks assault 18 year old college girls. I didn’t get a good look at he guy with the big purple cock, but I think it could have been Hayden Panettiere, despite being at the Madonna concert, because it’s a pre-requisite to keep her gay passport, like being in a Gay Pride Parade, dressing like a woman at least once, going to an Aids charity event, and knowing what at least 10 different cocks, look, feel and taste like….before and after they’ve been in your ass.

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Britney Spears and the Naked Cowboy of the Day

Here’s a cleaned up version of Britney Spears performing last night with a clothed Naked Cowboy and it looks like all the homos in the audience had the time of their life, because straight guys just can’t appreciate this shit.

I actually don’t understand why gay guys are so hooked on Madonna. It’s fucking crazy, they see her as an idol even though she has a vagina and even new generation teenage homos are all up on this bitch because even though she’s before they time, just because it’s part of the job description of taking it in the shitter…

Here’s Madonna and Britney in Concert Together

Here’s a video of Naked Cowboy doing what he does best on the streets of New York and not with Britney Spears in Concert…

Here’s a video of Madonna in Concert Supporting Gay Marriages Because Her Whole Fanbase is Gay….

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Madonna is a 50 Year Old in Fishnets and Lingerie in Concert of the Day

I am sure I am not the only person who has masturbated to Madonna in their lifetime. Whether it was the movie Truth or Dare or her Sex book, she was always a driving force in being a naughty little girl. Unfortunately, like all naught little girls, they grow up and now she’s 50, on tour and trying to hold onto the fact that we all jerked off to her at one point in our lives, without realizing that her vagina has expired. She is pretty fit for an old lady but still an old lady and I, along with the front row at her concert are happy her underwear bottoms and fishnet outfit she’s wearing are tight enough to keep her shit in place, because I’d hate to see her uterus fall on the stage, actually I’d probably love it, but it would still be disgusting to see. This is her at her concert in Nice France and shit’s definitely not as Nice as it could be. You liked that shitty play on words, admit it.

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A-Rod Gets Taunted by Canadians of the Day

This A-Rod scandal is retarded and I really don’t give a fuck about it, possibly because I don’t care about baseball, it’s the American National sport, not the lazy drunk self-haters sport, which is drinking myself into a stupor in a way that doesn’t really allow me to focus on a game on TV, but instead on trying to pee into the toilet bowl and not all over the floor, not that that kind of thing really matters in my shithole apartment, the other day there was a shit smeared handprint on my bathroom wall, because that’s just the kind of ghetto I am living. I also don’t give a fuck about Madonna or her muscles, or the fact that the newscaster gives his opinion on handsome men with lots of money being a real catch and how they should not get married because they have women everywhere tempting them to stray. By the sounds of it, this newscaster probably wishes A-Rod would measure his dick with his mouth, but unfortunately his dick has nothing on Madonna’s.

I guess what it comes down to is that I do think when Canadians band together for their team by harassing some cheating baseball player using his volunerable spot in hopes he will fuck up, it is a pretty obvious thing to do, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s kinda funny.

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Madonna Has a See Through Dress in Cannes of the Day

Madonna may be old and washed up but should be given some credit in trying to hold onto the fame she once had. Even though I should ignore this bitch and ignore her new-found masculinity because I know that no one gives a fuck about her, I just can’t seem to. She’s in Cannes and she’s wearing some kind of barely see through dress that isn’t really a big deal, but you can see nipple and that usually seems to be enough to keep you happy, because the last time you jerked off to nipples this old, it was when your mom slipped out of her towel after taking a shower and this will probably cause a lot less emotional damage.

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Madonna’s Old and Tired Publicity Stunt of the Day

Looks like Madonna’s trying to get attention like every chubby girl at the bar who convinces her girlfriends to kiss her in front of a group of drunk dudes because they like the attention only in Madonna’s case the chubby girl is more attractive. It’s probably in hopes of selling records where as the fat girl is just doing it in hopes of finding love and acceptance. I can’t imagine Madonna’s trying to shock us with this, considering she’s done this shit in the past but she is old and out of touch so maybe she doesn’t realize that we are so desensitized to girl on girl and see it on a daily basis on the internet so the only affect this is having on us is a negative one. I know that seeing an old muscular woman doing anything sexual with a girl, even if it’s staged bullshit is making me feel like denouncing out lesbian fantasies because they aren’t two hot young coeds experimenting, but more like one muscular mom trying too hard with some girl she’s paid to do this and it isn’t very convincing.

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Madonna Can’t Sing and Play Guitar of the Day

Someone sent me this video of Madonna playing one of her shitty songs, but as someone who constantly re-invents herself she’s doing it with a guitar. I am not sure what happens about 1 minute 50 into the video but it seems like she either forgot the words or the back-up vocal track was off. I’d like to say that Madonna can’t multi-task and struggles with singing while playing, but I like to think that it’s actually a combination of not being able to sing and not being able to play the guitar and both are happening at the same time. It’s like the time I decided to tour old folks homes in North America as a dancing juggling mexican, I couldn’t do either but figured they’d be an easy crowd to please and the truth is that I was just doin’ it for the pussy. Yes….I have no idea what I am talking about.

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I am – Madonna Rocks a Strap-On of the Day


Just because these pictures surfaced of Madonna buying a strap-on dildo doesn’t mean that Madonna is going to be using the strap-on dildo on her husband and I find it pretty annoying that people are making that obvious joke just because Guy Ritchie looks a like a scared kid who is about to be punished for breaking mommy’s favorite lamp or locking his little brother in the closet for a day or maybe even for getting caught fingerbanging playing doctor with the neighbor or some shit….

There are a ton of possibilities for the strap on, other than it being a gift for a friend or for one of Madonna’s lesbian adventures, it’s only 6 inches big so I can assume it’s not for Madonna, I am sure her junk is built like a Fridge Box and six inches won’t touch the walls of neither ass nor pussy.

I had a friend who used to like anal play with his chick. He would go on about how amazing her finger in his ass was when getting sucked off, he’d go on about how she’d end up sticking random things in his ass and how it was amazing and at first I thought it was fucking gay and that he was implying that he wanted me in his ass so I stopped talking to him, but as time went on I learnt that assholes give pleasure and more and more people started coming out of the woodwork admitting they had ass play with their chicks, whether its a rim job or a finger or whatever.

I still thought it was weird but was curious so I tried to convince whores to lick my ass to see if it was as hype as all these people said it was. It was like when I found out that all the guys in my class were jerking off and I hadn’t picked up on it yet and dropped my inhibitions and pulled a wack. Either way, I was rejected by hookers, like dirty fucking hooker who I was willing to pay due to my hygiene issues and inability to wipe my ass properly, everytime they’d try they’d stop by saying “dude your asshole is crusted over with shit”. I finally found one whore, who was fucking down on her luck and who didn’t care and while she was eating the shit out of my ass, I got bored and I decided to fart in her face…making the experience really funny but that’s where ass play ended for me.

The point of my story is that if you have taken a finger in your ass like so many dudes have, you’re already into this kind of thing. I you marry a sexually liberated woman like Madonna, you’ve gotta be pretty sexually liberated too, and who knows maybe he’s bored of getting the finger in the ass and has worked his way through household objects and is now making the big step to taking it like a bitch, because I am sure being married to Madonna automatically makes you the bitch. I am sure he’s got no fucking choice int he matter and I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, there are so many fags and closet cases and shit out there, that if you’re doing what you like and keeping it out in the open like there’s nothing to be ashamed of, then why bother dissing it, because who knows maybe they’ll end up making an instructional video on how it’s done and the only thing better than thinking Madonna fucks her man up the ass is seeing Madonna fuck her man up the ass.

I guess what it comes down to is that at least he gets pussy which is more than I can say for you and I know you find this whole post uncomfortable, but that’s only because you find yourself jerking off to the guy who works at your favorite coffee shop …. when you know that you should be jerking off to the girl….

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I am – Madonna Pretending She is Still Young of the Day


I quit my job at Dairy Queen last night, which is okay with me in the end, cause it was pretty shitty. They asked me to clean out some fucking garbage thing at the back and I got the new kid to do it instead, which I thought was delegating and showed leadership. My boss didn’t agree.

In addition, I had been pretty much showing up late everyday for the last month, reeking of booze most of the time. I would sit in the back alley talking on my cell phone while the manager was out in his car getting blowjobs from the jailbait girls who stop in to get Blizzards. Free ice cream goes a long way. It had gotten to the point where I couldn’t have possibly stole more shit or fucked up things anymore then I already had. The only upsetting thing is that I had developed an excellent way to skim off the top from the cash register, which made the job, shitty as it was, pretty fucking lucrative on a good day.

Still I think I’m getting a bit to old for that gig anyways. All good things some to and end I guess and there comes a time when you know you have to let the past go, move on and live in the present. Kind of like Madonna here, who needs to realize that she is not fucking 18 anymore and that she is, in fact, a borderline senior citizen.

hugs and kisses
Marie-Eve Martinez

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