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Remember When Rebecca Gayheart Killed Someone? Same. Of the Day

Here’s a friendly reminder that when you are a self involved, narcissistic celebrity….and you talk on your cell phone while driving in a frenzy to get to your hair appointment and run over a poor kid who was Illegally crossing the street…even though the cars in front of you stopped to let him cross…killing him…only to hire great lawyers and you get off the charges because you’re rich and famous…life goes on like you never ran over the kid…

So somewhere a broken mother hasn’t recovered from the loss of her kid, yet here is Rebecca Gayheart attended red carpet events with kids of her own…celebrating never doing any time for her crime…even though today it would be called vehicular manslaughter and motherfucker would be behind bars like a walmart truck driver…

I’ve covered this in the past, because I find it ridiculous that she didn’t go to jail HERE

I was also way more into her Eric Dane threesome sex tape that her lawyers, probably the same ones who got her off of murder charges, deleted from the internet…

But here she is at an event, not cuz she’s hot or showing nipple, but because she’s a horrible fucking person…


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Rebecca Gayheart Doesn’t Kill Her Own Babies of the Day

These spy pics of Rebecca Gayheart are hardly interesting – I mean sure trying to look down shirts in malls is always fun…but not when you don’t actually get to look down the girls shirt cuz the shit is in picture and no matter how you angle your screen, you can’t get a better vantage point…

But the backstory is funny. I mean not for the parent involved but just in how it worked out….She was on a cellphone, she cut around traffic that was stopped to let a kid cross the street, because she has places to be, I mean she is Rebecca Gayheart after all….and she ended up killing some kid…and getting off cuz of great lawyers….

Then she married the dude from Grey’s Anatomy, had a coke fueled orgy with some other whore, and leaked the video….only to get pregant themselves, have a kid and not have it taken from her in a horrible way when it was crossing the street, only to get pregnant again….bringing us up to date on this evil fucking human…just rubbing it in the poor mother who lost her kid and who no one got charged for killing her kid but instead bitch is at the mall with her kid…

Heavy shit…and all this to say the name Gayheart is pretty gay, cuz to have a gay heart leads to AIDS…lets hope it is true in this case cuz I hate this “innocent” bitch….

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Rebecca Gayheart Mom Pussy is in Leggings and Not Killing Babies of the Day

The kid Rebecca Gayheart ran the fuck over because she was talking on her cellphone, but got off because the kid she ran over was “Jay Walking”, even though in order to run him the fuck over, she had to pull illegal moves like cunts in Range Rover’s who think they are the most important people on the road and in the world do, would probably be old enough now to appreciate an ass on it’s way to the gym, even if the ass isn’t all that great, but had a sex tape fucking some drugged out hooker from Celebrity Rehab and the guy from Grey’s Anatomy before having a baby of her own for someone to run the fuck over cuz they are in a rush….but unfortunately for him, he’s dead.

These pictures are only really fun cuz you can see her saggy mom pussy…

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Rebecca Gayheart Karma Watch of the Day

Now that Rebecca Gayheart has a kid, I like to keep track of her, just to see if Karma gets back at her for running over a kid with her car only to be given 3 years probation and a 2,800 dollar fine…and I’m sure she’s liking the attention since the last movie she was in was called “Bunny Whipped” and it came out in 2007….and the highlight of her life recently was some cocaine fueled threesome sex tape that wasn’t even fun to watch…and that didn’t even blow the fuck up cuz after you kill a kid, even if you get off for it, and even if you don’t let it phase you cuz you are self-absorbed cunt, you’re done..

But in her defense, the parents of the kid she killed but got off from killing got an out of court settlement, which to their poor Spic asses must have solved a lot of problems….probably enough problems that losing one of their dozen or so kids was a small safrice to make to get some “Urban Legends: Final Cut” dollars….I keep having visions of the kid’s mom pushing him in front of the famous car cuz she saw a lottery ticket at the end…but maybe I’m just dark…..

Either way, she’s got an injured hand and I think it’s safe to say Karma is coming….

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Rebecca Gayheart Baby Deathwatch of the Day

I hate Rebecca Gayheart…I’m not entirely sure why but think it has something to do with celebrity justice being injustice….cuz bitch ran over a kid with her car cuz she was impatient and on her cell phone…and pulled out into oncoming traffic to pass all the stopped cars that were letting the kids cross the street…because she has an ego and thinks she is more important and deserves the right of way to other cars cuz she was in one or two movies no one even remembers…and she got off…they put the blame on the fucking kid cuz that’s what high powered lawyers do…but she and everyone else knows she’s a fucking murderer and that she took a poor kid’s life and whether she is sociopathic or not…she has to live with that for the rest of her life…until someone gets their revenge and take her new baby for an “Alabama KKK Chained to the Truck” ride….and that someone will probably be the kid she murdered mother…despite the fact that the best revenge for the world would be to not take Karma out on the defenseless innocent baby…but instead on Rebecca Gayheart and her dyking out cocaine using, shitty sex tape making ass….by riding the world of her existence…I guess we’re all allowed to have dreams….I can’t stand this fucking cunt.

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Rebecca Gayheart’s Baby Hasn’t Been Run Over By Someone on her Cellphone of the Day

I don’t need a lawsuit, so let me say this before I go on, Rebecca Gayheart and her high paid lawyers are not actual murderers. She legally got off because the court system is fucking corrupt…but her car did hit a kid and that kid is dead and no matter how legally responsible she is or not, as far as I am concerned her car did kill a kid….and when you’re driving and paying attention to the road and not trying to cut through traffic caused by people stopping for a kid crossing the street, cuz you are so important and in a rush while talking on your cellphone, and a motherfuckin kid gets killed, I think it’s your fault….so in the court of Drunkenstepfather, where logic outweighs expensive lawyers and loopholes, bitch is a fucking murderer..

That said, she just had a kid of her own…not that you care…but I like to check in and see if Karma has got its revenge yet, and by Karma I mean the little Mexican kid she ran over’s mother…to punish Gayheart since the courts didn’t..by taking her baby before it’s time….

I don’t want you to think this has anything to do with Rebecca Gayheart being relevant, because even in lesbian threesomes she bores me….The only thing she’s good for is if she decides to license her name to some Gay porn producers for their “Crazy Heart” gay porn, about a country singer who is down on his luck and writes a hit song for a kid he mentored with anal but who is now a star starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Rebecca Gayheart’s Baby Hasn’t Been Run Over By A Bitch on a Cellphone Yet of the Day

I don’t think I am allowed to called Rebecca Gayheart a muderer because she got off from running over the kid who wouldn’t have died if she hadn’t run him over, becuase being from Hollywood means good lawyers, and good lawyers make shit the kids fault for jaywalking, when every other car didn’t run the kid over because the drivers weren’t in a rush to their bullshit appointments that clearly never helped her career because she’s all self righteous, self absorbed, life she things is so important…..

So I like to check in with her pregnancy every once in a while to see if Karma’s got his revenge yet, or if he’s going to wait until the kid is older and she’s more attached to it….I guess we’ll wait and see….

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Rebecca Gayheart The Baby Killer Makin’ Babies of the Day

I am sure I am not legally allowed to call Rebecca Gayheart a baby killer because she got off for running over that kid, but she still ran over a fucking kid. I am sure she’s also had numerous abortions over the last decade after having random sex with people in hopes of advancing her career, but I don’t have proof of it and can probably get sued for saying tha and I don’t hold Abortions against girls, if anything I celebrate the shit, cuz there’s nothing worse than unwanted pregnancy, especially when I being called the dad, but more often than not, even if I do knock up whores, they go to the richer, more accomplished dudes they are fucking and claim shit is his, which is one of the benefits of being a total hurtbag.

I love abortions so much that I have caught myself dreaming of being an abortion doctors mainly because seeing used teen pussy is amazing, but you have to go through years of medical school, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am just too drunk and too stupid for that, so instead I have to back alley that shit for real desperate girls

I’m doing this Rebecca Gayheart baby watch because I assume Karma will get back at her for being involved in running over a kid, even if it was the kid’s fault, so to date the pregnancy seems normal but I’ll keep you posted if a crazed mother of the kid she ran over pushes her down the stairs out of spite, or if God makes the shit come out retarded….

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Rebecca Gayheart’s Baby Hasn’t Been Run Over By Someone on their Cellphone of the Day

I’ve decided to document the life of Rebecca Gayheart’s baby from clump of shit in her uterus to annoying baby, to healthy active toddler to elementary school kid and by then I’ll either be dead or the site will be dead or maybe, if she will have run over her kid while pulling out of the garage, because karma is bittersweet and because Rebecca Gayheart’s car has a histoy of running over and killing a kid years ago.

Sure she got off, but the kid’s family didn’t, it would really only be fair. If anything, I feel like she’s mocking that family, showing them how happy she is getting on with life, while they still celebrate their baby’s birthday every year…at the cemetary.

Pics via Bauer

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