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Chloe Green’s Tits on a Boat of the Day

My claim to fame wasn’t when Chloe Green told me off….

This was in an era before she polluted her body with J.Lo’s ex husband, who no living person should ever have sex with, since he’s a monster, let alone some clearly broken down rich girl, who’s billionaire dad has been buying her love her whole life, which I guess isn’t enough for her, because she went onto that weirdness….weirdness that has recently ended and that has given her the chance to mend the pieces of her broken heart on her 100 million dollar yacht she’s showing her titties on…

If she hadn’t blocked me, I would totally try to save her, not for her trust fund, but because I truly care about someone so far gone she’d date Mark Anthony…that shit is just beyond my scope of comprehension…

Even when fat and ugly, as Chloe Green is, regardless of her billion dollar inheritance, she’s too young and fresh for that latin lover…I mean find a college kid with no standards, they are out there, uglier girls than her fuck all the time…I mean if she’s looking for higher profile, at least go for someone who isn’t Mark Anthony.

The whole thing confusing…her tits on a boat…not so exciting…but still tits….sad sad tits…


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Marc Anthony and Chloe Green Make me Laugh of the Day

This is so weird to me….not that CHLOE GREEN , daughter to the billionaire UK Retailing giant, is a broken rich girl with Daddy issues who dates dudes who are old enough to be her daddy….but that she dates Marc Anthony, J.Lo’s scary ex husband, latin singing sensation….because there is no rhyme or reason to why she chose him.

I am wondering did she have a crush on him in the 90s, is this some lifelong dream of hers that she made happen because as a billionaire she makes everything she wants happen, that’s how her actual daddy bought her love…

Or does she do it because he was with J.Lo and it’s a status thing that she’s got J.Lo’s baby daddy up in her cunt cuz she’s a huge J.Lo fan…

Or maybe she has a horror movie, skeleton, freak fetish…Because ultimately, she can date all kinds of 40 year old rich and famous people….that’s the benefit of being a billionaire…yet she chooses him…Creepy as fuck…

What actually matters in all this is that a few years ago – Chloe Green professed her love for me for making fun of her being fat in a bikini – I think she was being flirtatious…you know neg a bitch and have her angrily come at you ending in pregnancy and me living the good life..

You see, I coulda been Marc Anthony in these pics…K-Fedding her the way her dumpy rich ass is meant to be K-Fedded….with love and romance…and lots of internal cum shots.


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Chloe Green is Dating Marc Anthony of the Day

Chloe Green is the heiress to the Topshop and other retail giants in the UK fortune….

Chloe Green is also my best friend on social media….once she wrote me saying:

@drunkstepfather another sad person on twitter. Get a life seriously and find something better to do and make take a look at yourself first

I don’t know what I wrote, but assume it was nonsense and she was probably totally right in saying, but as I always to when people tell me I suck… I didn’t bother looking at myself…but I am lookin at her today…with recent reports that she’s gone on with her life after me and is now dating Marc Anthony….who is 44 to her 21 which doesn’t phase me…cuz I am 43 and fuck 18 year olds all the time…but that she’s actually a billionaire and can be involved with anyone….even with her average looks….because she’s a billionaire…but Marc Anthony…that dude’s creepy looking….not to mention…Marc Anthony is Marc Anthony and has all kinds of money and doesn’t need her for her money….and could be banging 21 year old bikini models….it’s just all so weird…

I guess all this comes down to having serious Daddy issues…or maybe…just maybe she’s staged this rebellion to humiliate the already insane family that probably can’t be humiliated….


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Chloe Green is my New Best Friend and She’s in a Bikini of the Day

The DailyMail put up a couple of paparazzi pics of the daughter of retailing giants from the UK, we’re talking outrageously rich jewish family, who bring in Beyonce to play at their birthday parties kinda rich, Chloe Green, wearing a hot yellow bikini….and for some reason I was following her on twitter because before yesterday I didn’t know who she was, because despite the ridiculously rich loving me, I generally don’t keep tabs…

That said, she was hurt by the comments left on the Daily Mail about her body in a bikini, when all she wanted to be a normal girl on the beach, but unlike America, the ridiculously rich are followed by the paparazzi like celebrities of their own, even when they aren’t on TV, and thus she got torn a new asshole, one I wouldn’t mind kissing gently…you know to heal the wounds….

So I told her not to listen to the haters, that I look at bikinis all the time and that I am the biggest judge, and that she’s a solid 7, spreading my honest dose of love everyday, with nothing but good intentions….

This is what she wrote me…..which would really hurt me, if I had a soul…some people just aren’t appreciative of this guy right here….


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Chloe Green’s Still Rich and Dumpy in a Bikini of the Day

I guess something Ashley Tisdale has proven time and time again is that money can’t buy good looks….it can buy tans, designer clothes, facelifts, botox, and implants….it can buy chin implants, personal trainers….it can buy mae up artists, creams and potions…..but the key is you gotta actually buy the shit…to make it work…you know invest in it…something this Chloe Green, daughter to some billionaire from the UK, clearly doesn’t do….maybe her daddy needs to increase her allowance or credit card limit…or maybe she’s gotta stop feeling like the queen of the fucking world, able to get by looking like shit, cuz she’s rich and dillusional, since everyone around her sucks her dick to get to her daddy….if you know what I mean….and if you don’t…you can just look at her in her bikini, cankles and all…cuz I know that’s what I’m doing….

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Chloe Green’s Sloppy Bikini of the Day

Nothing says Christmas Vacation like a dumpy Jewish girl with a weak chin on the beach in a bikini at the most luxurious resort in Barbados cuz her dad is a billionaire….This Chloe Green bitch doesn’t really have be anything but dumpy and ugly because there is bound to be a Jewish guy willing to swipe her up and make him his wife so that they can have rich Jewish babies together…and who knows maybe she’s a really down to earth, cool girl with daddy issues who likes to fuck….and who really cares…I’m just posting the pics for the Jewish people out there who feel guilty, like they are disgracing their family and their grandparents who survived the war when they look at half naked non-jews sexually….I’m sure that happens all the time….and the sad thing in all this is rich, dumpy or not I’d still fuck her cuz she has a vagina and her youth….who cares.

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Chloe Green Bikini in Barbados Continues of the Day

Here’s the dumpy bodied rich girl, Chloe Greene, who’s father owns all kinds of shit, and who’s father spends endlessly, but who’s father hasn’t invested in tightening her up….It’s like bitch has had one too many luxury cupcake, or decadent meal, knowing that she’s set of life and can buy a husband when she hits 250 lbs….that’s just how cunty rich girls operate, they always got what they wanted, and they aren’t gonna change anything about themselves….I’ve seen Charlie and the Chocolate factory….I know how this shit works….but I do know she’d be better off taking her fashion industry dad’s models lead…cuz it’d make these pics easier to jerk off to….or whatever it is you idiots do with the shit I post on the site…

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Chloe Green’s Dumpy Rich Kid Body in a Bikini of the Day

Her dad is named Philip Green….he owns some major clothing stores….is a billionaire…and he lives like a billionaire…spoiling the shit out of his kids…hiring Destiny’s Child to play his son’s bar mitzvah…meaning there is no way this dumpy little pig in her bikini is anything but a spoiled little cunt….but then again…who knows…maybe she’s really wholesome, and not a whining little troll who has everything she is want, is never satisfied and just shits on everyone that comes her way….treating them like her employee…but I could be wrong…I don’t know the bitch…maybe she’s just fun cuz she doesn’t have to ever work….maybe she’s good to party with cuz she pays for everything…maybe she’s the friend who flies you around the world to a party…..but I do know she should spend some of that trust fund money on a personal trainer…I mean being in a fashion family, you’d think all that time next to models would rub off on her and make her starve herself like a normal socialite….

Here are her bikini pics.

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