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Miranda Kerr’s How To Get a Billionaire Tip of the Day

PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE Miranda Kerr sexy in black at LAX

I’ve been doing some very extensive research on Miranda Kerr’s behavior and activities, to come up with a comprehensive course for girls in how to land a billionaire…because Miranda Kerr only fucks with billionaires…it’s good for her ego, finances and offers a lifestyle far superior to millionaires, because billionaires have more money than they know what to do with, more than they can spend, so even if they give her 100,000,000 dollars in the divorce settlement, they’re laughing…better than a prenup with a dude only worth 200,000,000 dollars that you’d probably only get 10 – 20 million out of…

That said:

The steps so far have been:

1-3 Model Legs…. HERE
4- Impress young Billionaire with flexibility HERE
5- Impress young billionaire with magazine coverage HERE
6- Impress young billionare with a Terry Richardson Halloween Shoot HERE

Today, we learn a new step…”Dress slutty, possibly in a sheer dress, to the airport instead of the normal sweat pants, because the paparazzi will release your pictures and maybe sites will pic up the airport look, reminding your billionaire that you’re still hot, you still matter, dudes want to fuck you and you’re jet set on your own, you don’t need his money for airfare, which is better than the other hookers these guys have had on their rise to billionaire status….

All this to say, who takes care of her kid?


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Miranda Kerr’s Halloween Shoot for Snapchat Founder and Harper’s Bazaar of the Day


I guess it only makes sense that Miranda Kerr would do a fun photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar, the Halloween Issue…

Shot by Terry Richardson, I guess in efforts to cater or impress her young Billionaire who “created” snapchat back when trying to get girls to send nudes and “I promise I’ll delete it”…wasn’t convincing enough…so he went to the drawing bored, and said “self destruct pictures, that area all saved on my servers, so I can cross reference and see the world’s nudes, and they won’t know anything of it, because people are retards and only understand their user interface and not back-end programming, and that will make me rich, since everyone is a pervert voyeur/exhibitionist, and then I’ll get to fuck models like Miranda Kerr’s back-end, because that’s what I used to jerk off to when she was gold digging and making babies with Hollywood Stars…before the whole fucking bieber…and Australian Billionaires thing happened…because this bitch likes billionaires and I’m a billionaire”…

Fascinating…but only because of the old Hollywood Horror characters of our youth…and not because of the Gold Digging Australia cunt..

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Miranda Kerr Demonstrates How To Retain the Billionaire of the Day



As long as Miranda Kerr is in magazines, no matter what the magazine is, it will give said Billionaire she has trapped or is trying to trap, because she knows how to manipulate billionaires, the illusion that the people care about her, that she’s still a relevant model, hell she’s on the cover of a magazine…”my girl is on the cover of a magazine, and at my billionaire level, even if she costs 1 million a year I won’t even notice”….”take that other billionaires”….”Hey Warren Buffet is your wife on the cover of a magazine”….”what about you Bill Gates…is Melinda half naked sprreading her hooker vag out ther…Didn’t think so”…”what about you Zuckerberg…I’ve seen your creepy asian, she’s no Miranda”…

Kind of rich person thing…

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Miranda Kerr Demonstrates Another Billionaire Trap of the Day


If you demonstrate flexibility in your everyday life, the billionaire will factor that into your net worth, because every billionaire thinks “the more flexible the better”…or “just imagine what she can do to my dick”…and “do you think she can give me a blow job in that position”….and “of course she can, she is Australian, they are loose and she was married to a homosexual for 5 years when launching her career and increasing her stock price, she knows all the blowjob tricks from watching cabana boys and rent boys do it to him”…

Well maybe not that last part…

But what I do know is that billionaires like to buy Victoria’s Secret models, hundred millionaires like to buy Sports Illustrated models, and millionaires like instagram models where their worth reflects the “model” they gets following….and soccer players like Glamour models….and Kanye West like livestock…

That’s all I have to say about that…

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Gold Digger’s View of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 11.44.19 AM

If you figure out a way to manipulate your way to America from Australia through “modeling” and marrying an actor who at the time was very relevant…and with that new found celebrity status secure a contract with a massive brand that at the time was very relevant in terms of the models they chose because instagram didn’t exist and we were forced to go to them for our catalog porn when feeling nostalgic…only to get fired for fucking an 18 year old popstar, ruining her marriage….and leaving her to find for herself in this cold dark rich person world…navigating her way through billionaires…until finally settling on a young one who founded Snapchat and is at the peak of his relevance…while she’s fallin’ off and not just as an inadequate mother who always puts her kids in the kennel, but in her career….

You know…just a gold digging prostitute who has the ability to charge and not feel like a prostitute due to modeling…

The above picture would be your view….

If you’re the gold owner…this would be your view…I mean the PG version before you really get what you pay for…


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Miranda Kerr’s Legs of the Day


Miranda Kerr decided to post step 1 in the secret to getting billionaire cock…

Step 2 is a little more complicate, it involves spreading those legs…

Step 3 is hoping the cum sticks….to make another baby…

It’s pretty basic…

I always found her an overrated model, totally uninteresting on all levels, with a weird round face and trashy attitude, but Victoria’s Secret and Orlando Bloom collaborated and made her…and now we’re stuck with her, but barely….as her relevance slowly fades and her ability to lure billionaires into her uneventful, possibly talented, which would explain why she’s even being talked about, cunt…as Australian girls, for the most part, are a lot of fun…even when they are the worst…

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Miranda Kerr and the Snapchat Dude of the Day


Miranda Kerr is one of those models who dates “billionaires” not “millionaires”…because I guess she’s attracted to their good looks, social skills, and personality…you know…not their money…it’s just an absolute coincidence that her last two or three lovers have been billionaires…

That’s not to say that the Snapchat dude, who I think is 24 years old, isn’t a brilliant mind who created an app for people to sext, that on top of all the nudes he’s seen, and saved on his servers when they “dissolve into space”, has also become a billionaire a few times over…that’s not to say he’s not cool, or fun to be around, or manipulative, evil and gets what he wants…I mean he’s a fucking billionaire….his last girlfriend got the Snapchat logo tattooed on her, clearly he’s a winner…

That is to say that Miranda Kerr is a hooker. It’s the oldest profession.


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Miranda Kerr Spread Legged in Grazia France of the DAy


I hear if you pay Miranda Kerr 1,000,000 dollars for a night….or if you’re Justin Bieber….or if you’re a billionaire….she’ll do this pose she’s doing in Grazia France….without the white bathing suit on, but with more actual unprotected penetration…

But those are just rumors…Rumors are never real stories based on truth..

She’s a million dollar a year model, what’s she need more money, or rich dudes in exchange for penetration that makes her feel pretty for…you know like a high level sugar baby….I mean her alimony check and child support check from Orlando Bloom must be hefty enough to survive the good life, why would she want more…

Oh right, cuz she’s a vapid cunt, like so many girls who pose for photographers and who define themselves as that being their career…and not just a joke amongst friends like “I can’t beleive I get money and flown around the world to pose in my underwear…score”…

Doesn’t matter, she’s in Grazia France…spread legged….and what it comes down to – is – who fucking cares abotu Miranda Kerr….

Here’s an instagram pic she just posted..if you look close enough you can see some of the damage left from the shredding of her vagina when she had a kid for money and to increase her profile as a model…a kid I assume she’s a great, actively involved mother with..

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.16.03 PM

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Miranda Kerr for Trends Health Magazine of the Day


I asked my facebook friends about a rumor I had heard about a Victoria’s Secret model…basically the rumor is that it is a known fact that one fo the VS model…past or present…recently accepted 1,000,000 dollars to have sex, we’re talking one night, with a very very rich dude who can afford to drop a million dollars on a pussy…

I heard the guy was fat and disgusting, clearly if he’s willing to pay a model a million dollars, he’s slimey as fuck…

Eveyrone on Facebook called out Miranda Kerr as the girl who did it…

Now I’ve heard all kinds of rumors about her, from Fucking Bieber, to other billionares in her baby daddy circle…throwing away her contract…but a high paid escort, who we would all fuck for one night foa a million dollars, but is still a fucking escort…is just the next level of obvious, expected, considering everything, but still trashy, which I guess comes with the territory…I mean she’s hot bodied, has good fake tits, but that doesn’t mean she’s a self respecting lady…or classy…I mean she’s Australian…you know how Australians are…

That said, here she is in a magazine, because Magazine appearances are key to getting million dollar sex offers…and million dollar sex offers are pretty fucking awesome for any girl..

I never pay more than 100 dollars.

Update – my friend gets mad when I call her tits real due to this pic:





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Miranda Kerr’s Got Some Legs of the Day


Miranda Kerr is showing off her sugar baby legs….because they are ridiculous and amazing…but most importantly…used by billionaires as a runway for their mouths while landing into her pussy…

I don’t think anyone blames her. All girls love money….and their level of hotness and relevance directly correlates to the richness level of the guys they are with…I mean to a certain extent…these girls are superficial so they go for the rich / good looking, not too old dudes…not necessarily the richest dudes…but you get what I am saying here…and that is even the local college girl is willing to get paid to fuck a dude for a Louis Vuitton purse…or her rent paid…Miranda Kerr just does it with billionaires, since she’s not a starving student but rather..a millionaire lingerie model…

Either way…legs…that have been rumored to have fucked Bieber…which is way less weird than being legs that married a gay Australian actor and having his kid….before getting fired from the one job she ever really had…that allowed her to sugar baby with confidence…like “I can afford my own life, I’m with him cuz I like him”…

Who cares.


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Miranda Kerr for W Korea of the DAy


Miranda Kerr still exists…so there is life after the organized crime ring of Victoria’s Secret…but more importantly, there is life after cheating on your probably gay husband Orlando Bloom, with Justin Bieber, in some pervert Australian sexual deviant with too much money, who likes to party hard because that’s what Australians do, whether they are models or not…and that life consists of the Asian market, but also billionaires who “date her”…and by “date her”…I mean have her on Payroll because all billionaires want Victoria’s Secret models to add to their collection of pussy they have been up inside…you know like a conversation piece for their weirdo rich person self involved conversations….

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Miranda Kerr has Cleavage of the Day

68th Cannes Film Festival 2015

The highlight of Miranda Kerr is that Victoria’s Secret fired her for fucking Justin Beiber…at least that’s what I heard from someone who worked with her management a few years ago, because even they found it fucking hysterical…I mean what a stupid reason to get fired from pretty fucking easy marketing and money for yourself…one night with a twink..what the fuck…what an idiot..

That said, she’s faded into obscurity, despite having new tits…and being the spokesperson for Victoria’s Secret’s low level competition and icecream…and here she is showing her tits…but more interestingly…showing a slit in her dress…high enough for us to see where Bieber marked his territory before destroying her career with his dick…

She’s still hot…but I like stutty moms…so I’m biased…


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Miranda Kerr in a Bikini Top for Some Brand of the Day


I think there is a Cher song that goes “Do you believe in life after getting drunk and fucking Justin Bieber at the end of a Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, while being married to a homosexual actor who got you to America thanks to legitimizing that relationship with a kid, only to be fired by Victoria’s Secret because they are a Jewish brand that pretend to be a Christian Brand…since all the white trash that buy their smutty, sweatshop made shit, are poor and poor people love the fucking church…

That said, I could be wrong, I was never much of a Cher fan…even when crawling all over the place in sheer lingerie at the age of 60…30 years ago…

I guess I’m not as homo as writing a blog about these people makes me look…cuz Homos fucking love Cher…

Either way, Miranda Kerr is still working…and in a bikini top…and has tits…yay.

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Miranda Kerr Shows You How to Catch Billionaires of the Day


This is the position Miranda Kerr gets in whenever she sees a billionaire, hoping to get them trapped and lodged in her pussy, so that they become addicted to her and can ever run away, in what some call “the program”, where billionaires seek models to validate their billions, and models seek billionaires, to pay them child support and alimony while living the good life…

This is the bend over and bride, to put your pussy first out into the world, so that it hopefully sucks in any life that comes near it…

The whole thing is a science that you learn at the modeling agencies when you’re 16.

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Miranda Kerr Topless for “LOVE” of the Day


Miranda Kerr gets a lot of credit for being the weird faced – ex Victoria’s Secret model, who I heard directly through a friend of a friend who knew her manager that she fucked Justin Bieber and that’s why she got fired. The story broke months after I posted it, because I get all the scoop about people I don’t know or care about….

Well, since Bieber killed her million dollar a year contract, she’s gone onto great things like becoming a billionaires girlfriend….a divorcee…and the face of wonderbra….and now she’s topless in LOVE magazine, like she was Kim Kardashian….what can’t she do…

Here are this pics:

Here’s Miranda Kerr for Harper’s Bazaar

It amazes me that people care about her.

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