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I am – Courtney Cox’s Bra of the Day


Here are some pictures of Courtney Cox leaving a restaurant in a sheer top with her bra exposes. I am pretty much naked all day because getting dress requires too much effort and I was raised by some pretty trashy people and even I put on some fucking clothes when I eat my lunch on my shitty salvation army couch. I admit part of the reason I put on clothes is because of a serious fear of landing scabies from the previous owners and having a barrier between me at the couch is pretty much necessary, but I still manage to cover up when I eat…

That said, I am all for girls wearing sheer shirts with bras exposed in public and encourage as many girls as I can to rock this look. Shit’s like flipping through a Sears catalog without killing all the trees, I guess that makes Courtney Cox a little more environmentally conscious than me.

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