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I am – Kim Kardashian’s Got Jungle Fever of the Day

kim kardashian jungle fever

Here are some pictures of Kim Kardashian and her black boyfriend doing some shopping. I was going to write about how she’s got jungle fever, but bitch has had so much black dick in her life, she’s pretty much Denzel Washington, so going after black cock isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Either way, I am all for interracial couples because I know that black dudes love fucking fat white chicks and now fat assed armenian chicks, and I don’t, so they can have them. I also know that fat chicks love fuckin’ black dudes because they have dicks big enough to make it past the point of entry of their boxes and can actually penetrate them. If this bitch was to get with one of you small penised motherfuckers, you wouldn’t even be able to get your tip in, it’d be like trying to reach for that jar of peanut butter on the top shelf of your cupboard without a stool, where no matter how hard you reach for it, you always fall short, because the forces of nature are working against you.

Sure, there’s that whole sex tape she had with a black dude proving that once you go black you never go back because no white guy will take you back, but that shit’s just a myth, because if any girl offered you her cunt, you’d be in no position to say no, because you take what you can get and let’s face it, no girl’s ever asked you to fuck her before so you’d be distracted by your excitement to stop, no matter how racist you are.

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  • Die you nigger fucking piece of trash.

  • TG23

    lol ur sooo fucking lame that it makes me sick!!..u mad cus white bitchs dont want u lame ass white boys no more , sorry are dicks are bigger hahaha..and all u dumb closet racist mother fuckers! yea closet racist! because none of u bitches would talk these shit to a black person face!!..i love how u waste ur time talking shit, but if any of these fine kardashian sister wanted to give u lame ass white bitches any pussy at all! , u lame fags would in a heart beat!…but they wouldnt cuz they dont do lil dicks! so u waste ur time and say dumb shit like their fat asses lol more like got a phat ass!…there a difference , sorry bitch! ass is in!…we kno how much all u fags like those skinny bitches that dont eat and have a back for an ass!..well u can keep that cuz we dont want it!…so hate all u want but u kno their fine , ur jus made cuz they chose black dick instead lil white dick! like most of these white girls now days….so get over or getter bigger dick! which prolly wont happen..

  • Omoney

    The love is in the air. Boom! Kimseems to always have a beautiful surrounding group of viewers. Not fans or people who know what she stands for. I like to say haha like Kim. Even in my room.(OT)


    Omoney,, u come to alabama talkin shit like that boy an ur nigger ass will be drug behind a fuckin truck till ur without skin, but we both know u aint about to do that,,,lol


    im sorry, that was was for that nigger fag TG23!