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Mena Suvari’s Thong Bikini of the Day

Here are some pictures of Mena Suvari rockin’ a thong bikini because she’s so hardcore that she doesn’t care if people see her in a thong. She is like every Russian person vacationing on the beaches of Vietnam who seem to love wearing the smallest bathing suits possible like it ain’t a thang when it definitely is a thang because they are fucking old, fat and disgusting. Maybe it’s a communist thing and they feel so liberated that they don’t have to wear rationed state-issued bathing suits and dress like their comrades so they get ridiculous, but I know it is the kind of ridiculous that makes vacationing at Russian hotspots an experience that will test your sexuality and leave you asexual for a little while before coming back and getting back to the porn you are used to.

I never thought Mena Suvari was much to look at, her wonky head brought back memories of retards walking down the street with helmets on holding a rope so none of them get lost and her body is a little too stacked making me think she’s either a lesbian or some kind of female body builder. She’s with some shaved head dude who probably has a penis so that theory is thrown into the lesbian filing cabinet, unless of course that is just a chick tanning topless with a shaved head who does the whole bull dyke, sexually ambiguous thing better than a plaid shirt/construction boot, crew cut wearing fat dyke I’ve seen, because lets face it, based on his stance he looks like the kind of asshole who spends more time in front of a mirror making sure his Tattoos show off through the collar and sleeves of his shirt just right and that his sunglasses are on just right before leaving the house, something an average dude with a normal dude wouldn’t bother with, unless he was going through some kind of sexually identity crisis. That’s just my theory but I have been wrong before…in fact, I am pretty much always wrong.

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  • rocco-rules

    Can you hear the thunder in those thighs ?