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Jelena Jankovic Plays Some Pornographic Tennis of the Day

Tennis is the most pornographic sport with these Eastern European girls in little skirts and panties grunting like they are fucking and I like to watch it because I am a pervert. Here’s some bitch named Jalena Jankovic taking it to the next level by throwing in some splits and using her ass to get some more coverage because she knows that her male fans will appreciate it. I never really understood why dudes freak out when strippers throw in the splits in the middle of a routine, I am guessing it’s got something to do with visualizing that flexibility in the bedroom, but I just find it obvious. I’d be a lot happier if a stripper pushed the limits a bit and fisted herself on stage while taking a shit instead, but then again, I am a tough crowd. I blame the internet for desensitizing me.

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  • ass

    For a title, you should have chosen “Jalena Jankovic has Manface / Trannyface”. The fact that you decided to create a unique post dedicated to Jalena Jankovic has me concerned =/

  • Arijit

    I’m a BIG JJ fan. She made the French Open a must watch with her grunts, splits and big tits.Plus she plays great.


    JJ is great she, has sexy body and French Open is more interested because she is playing in it. I hope she wins the French Open, she is a great tennis player and every time is out on the court she gives 100% and cos she is so sexy she makes tennis a total pleasure

  • Candi Apples

    This girl is certainly no looker,but after men catch a gander of the crotch
    pic,they will probably get a yearning for anal sex..

    I’m sure she likes it up the ass,and does not mind if you put a bag
    over her head,as I’m sure it’s a requirement for anyone that fucks her.

    Woof woof.

  • Crazy

    Jebeni pederi ta devojka zna da igra tenis za razliku od vasih sestara wiliams koje izgledaju kao crne kurve na trotoaru zato jezik za zube i pokrite se usima glupi skotovi americki

    in english

    Bloody faggotty this damsel zna yes game tennis unlike universe sisters williams which looks like for black biggest whore around over pavement accordingly language after lampas plus covered yourself usima absurd spawn America

  • Crazy

    AND you Candi Apples concession himself dick bloody bum

  • Crazy

    Aria plus LINE DAMSEL latch momci upravo yourself rumour has it on Deer Jankovic always Castro