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Dita Von Teese Does Bar Mitzvah Appearances of the Day

I am not sure what rich person private party these pictures are from, but based on how relevant aging goth chicks who were once in Playboy after becoming famous on the internet for doing lesbian porn, back when the internet was just starting out and there was limited girls willing to get naked and hide the fact that they are whores behind some lost art of “striptease” and instead of accepting that they are nothing but worthless sluts, pretend they are performing artists, it wasn’t anything too high profile.

Her internet scam bigger than the nigeria shit, helped secure a decent fan base of dudes waiting to see her pussy, before getting scooped up by the mainstream, becoming the face of burlesque, in a time when burlesque suddenly became popular, leaving her the person fat girls with dyed black hair and bangs aspire to be, and leaving me confused why people care about some bullshit rip off burlesque show, all while securing her with big live shows at actual theaters and not in back alleys where she belongs, making her rich from selling her body, and leaving me really unsure how this all played out, mainly because she’s totally unattractive.

Anyway, at least she’s out doing private functions for a few bucks now, because that’s usually a sign that the end is near.

Click this link to see the rest of the pictures of the party you weren’t invited to

Based on the Jawline – I think this is Rumer Willis – Maybe It was Her Party –

Pics via TheCobraSnake

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  • the-crutch

    damn i checked that link, i don’t know what kind of party that was, but alot of people looked kind of familiar beside the Dita Von chick , looked like i saw Alan Cummings and Tina Youthers(or whatever the chicks name from that 80’s sitcom with Michael J. Fox). One dude looked like he could pass as one of the Skylar Brothers comedy dudes.

  • Truff

    Dita Von Teese – How to hire a whore for your party and call it “art”…

  • Jerome Fryar

    That isn’t Rumor…maybe one of her half-breed sisters…Scout or Talluhah

  • Mark

    She has always done private shows, check out her website. Move along, there’s nothing to see here. . . .

  • Rawr

    That’s Scout, the middle daughter

  • IsJosKan

    She’s so milky milky – her vagina would be as pink as a fluorescent strawberry.

  • How many people actually pay for that? She must suck a mean dick after her “performance”.