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Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker and Nicole Kidman on Set of the Day

As you may know, I can’t stand celebrities….It’s not because I am jealous of celebrities because they get to live the good life, I just don’t think they deserve all they have….

Take this bullshit Adam Sandler movie starring Nicole Kidman in a shitty bathing suit, Jennifer Aniston showing off cleavage and looking for love and Brooklyn Decker convinced she can make it in Hollywood as an actress because she got the cover of SI for wearing a bikini and having her husband Andy Roddick pay them off with exclusive tennis stories for the next 18 months or some shit….

They work for 6 weeks in Hawaii, pretty much on vacation and make 5,000,000 dollars…The entire time they are there they have assistants doing pretty much everything for them…they are staying at the best hotels…they are eating the best food…they are fucking the best hookers and it is all at the Studio’s expense. The only work they have is to wake up and have the driver take them to set where they take take after take of the 4 lines at most they memorize per shot…. It’s like they have this fucking scam going that in theory is fucking awesome, but just frustrates me, because it’s all our fault they live these lives….If we boycotted movies and focused all our energy on something else, like this website for example, there would be no need for these overpaid cunts to live the good life while contributing nothing to society like some egocentric leech…..

Now I know you only come here to see tits and pussy, so I’ll just get to the boring pictures of these cunts on set, but realize as you stare at Aniston’s lonely tits, forget that she’s crying on the inside cuz her life is so unfair cuz Brad Pitt left her and forget your fantasy of sweeping her off her feed and making her yours cuz she’s so broken and you’ll help mend her wounds and remember she’s just a worthless, overpaid cunt who doesn’t deserve yours or anyone else’s attention….let her die alone on her pile of money for her assistant who shows up late to wipe her ass to find her and sell the exclusive to RadarOnline….

BONUS – HERE’S BROOKLYN DECKER PICKING HER NOSE CUZ SHE’S A PIG WITH HORRIBLE HYGIENE….cuz you know if a bitch doesn’t use kleenex for her nose, she probably don’t change her tampons too often, or really rock enough toilet paper…disgusting….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

Pics via Fame

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  • Drunken Pig

    Well put…but Id still like to wreck all three!!

  • cowbulls

    If I had the three of them I would be all over Brooklyn and only pull out to shoot on Jennifer as a pity shot. Nicole might get a few thrown her way for variety.