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Ellie Goulding’s Great Tight See Through Shirt of the Day

Ellie Goulding's Great Tight See Through Shirt of the Day

Ellie Goulding seems to have a bit of a horse face with too many face injections in at least one of the pictures of her at fashion week wearing a see through shirt rocking an amazing set of tits…hard nipples and good times…that dreams are fucking made of…at least my dreams…because I like tits, see through shirts, hard nipples, I’m old and this is what we consider pornographic…you know pre-throat fucking…a braless girl in a tight sweater was all we ever needed..

I still don’t know who Ellie Goulding is, but I remember her being some kind of pop star from the UK, turned hipster or always a hipster, hence the whole fashion week thing, because overpriced made in china by little kids products is so luxurious and exclusive as the fashion brands laugh backstage about how that garbage bag the model is wearing and that they are selling for 20,000 dollars cost them 14 cents to make…those margins…BANANAS…like Ellie Gouldings’ hot hard titty.

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