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Katharine McPhee Nude Bra of the Day

Katharine McPhee Tits Out in a Nude Bra for Instagram Story

Katharine McPhee got her titties out on the social media – because that’s what social media is for…it’s for the tits…

Zuckerberg will argue in front of Congress that Facebook is for friends to connect…and share their lives….or whatever the fuck he pretends it is….while it is clearly just a way for him to steal data and run ads to people and cash in….that taps into their inner perversions, insecurities, voyeurism and locks them in to make him more money…which is in the form of the TITS…

Katharine McPhee is also fucking a 75 year old really rich man who dominates the music industry – the love song masters and I guess this is how she keeps his dick hard..I mean that and with her vaginal reconstructed vagina…and viagra…I mean he’s old but he’s rich and requires that extra push cuz he’s seen some shit…including but not limited to GIGI HADID’s Mom Pussy..

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