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Madelaine Petsch Booty Workout of the Day

Madelaine Petsch is the hot one from Riverdale, the hottest show on TV, that has no hot people on it….it’s terribly written, stupid on all levels, shot shitty….as much depth as you’d expect young people to have….

I like that this Madelaine Petsch, Cherry Blossom from Riverdale, has discovered that she’s got a booty and that she’s going to use that booty for good, or at least for instagram videos that feature her working out that ass, because when you find your angle, you use that angel to leverage the fuck out of that angel, on social media and beyond, because Social Media is what makes these people matter, and as we all know, the only way to matter on Social Media is to through slutty content disguised as not so slutty.

This is her working out….

Here she is in some Mermaid Fetish Gear – See the video HERE

Here is the other Riverdale girl – Slutty Betty

lili reinhart big tits in a black crop top and short skirt

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