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Abigail Breslin is Big Miss Sunshine of the Day


Little Miss Sunshine has recently changed her name to Big Mamma Sunshine..

That’s all I got.


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Abigail Breslin Posing for Tyler Shields of the Day

I’ve met Tyler Shields , he was with some young hot model who I wanted to marry without knowing, but she was too busy working the photographer to be his subject and to make herself more high profile…as these things tend to always go…

At least, when it comes to photographers…who aren’t gay…the only reason I straight dude would ever get into photography or DJing or music in general…or even sports is the pussy…

He seemed like a good dude and his pictures are theatrical, maybe even a little on the cheesy side, but his friends are famous, his product is fine, and he makes huge money selling his shit…so he’s obviously onto something…

And that something is taking pics of 17 year old Abigail Breslin naked, in a towel, etc…because she’s probably actually in her 20s, it’s just that she had to lie about her age to book Little Miss Sunshine..

I don’t know much, but I know Tyler Shields isn’t a pedophile, because 17 is legal in Canada, more importantly, the difference between 17 and 18 really isn’t much..it’s not he shot these when she was Little Miss Sunshine…

Here are the pics…and BUY HIS BOOK

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Some Bitches at the New Year’s Eve Premiere of the Day

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There is a really shitty fucking movie that hollywood shat out called New Year’s Eve and it is being pegged as having an a-list cast because they cast a whole lot of known celebs that equally fucking suck at acting but that have a good publicity team making the general public think they matter….

I had the serious misfortune of seeing the trailer and immediately feeling the need to murder, if not myself, then all of fucking hollywood.

I don’t even want to go into the shitty storyline I can’t believe got budget to get made…I can only assume Ryan Seacrest is behind it…

That said, they had a premiere and there was pussy up in it and since pussy is what I do….here’s what you missed out on along with me cuz hollywood doesn’t think we matter….

Fergie Showing Tit….and shoulder but most interesting some dangly armpit skin that looks like an armpit pussy….my favorite…

Katherine Heigl Showing Tit in a tight dress I can only assume is spanxed all to hell

Sofia Vergara Showing Tit in a Lingerie Looking Dress…

Abigail Breslin/Little Miss Sunshite Jail Baitin’ for your Masturbating…

Lea Michele Manly Tit and Single Kutcher Who May Fuck It….because clearly he’s not too discriminatory when it comes to pussy….

Hilary Swank is Boys Don’t Cry….

Ludacris and Some Big Black Booty….

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